The Benefits of a Custom Weighing Solution

The Prime Scales model emphasizes what the customer knows, but may be taking for granted.
Most business managers and owners would agree that the better they know the business processes that drive revenue to their organizations, the better able they are to predict and protect that revenue stream.

The very best, most experienced and educated business owners and managers would take it one step further.  They would contend that in knowing the processes that drive their business, they are better able to not only understand the revenues, but to also control expenses.  The bottom line sees geometric impact when recurring expenses can be consolidated, restricted or eliminated.  There’s nothing a manager likes more than to see the fruit of their efforts reflected in an excellent profit and loss or a really impressive balance sheet.

The professionals at Prime Scales are aligned with the philosophy of the best management leaders:  the more information the leadership has about how the business runs, the better they can produce results. In fact, Prime Scales has this concept so ingrained in their company DNA that they have partnered with leading companies internationally to provide customized weighing solutions for industry, medicine and business.

The Prime Scales model emphasizes what the customer knows, but may be taking for granted.  In other words, Prime Scales works with the client to determine the business process or problem that needs to be solved.  Then Prime Scales sets out to create the most efficient, time saving and precise measuring system for the business.  The closer Prime Scales can come to perfect execution that lines up with the business in question, the more money they are putting directly into the bottom line of the ownership and management.

When some businesses talk about increasing efficiency, it’s a code phrase for layoffs to come; however, Prime Scales agrees with the leading business research that the more automated repetitive steps can become, without sacrificing quality or controls, the more effective each employee can be, working at a higher level than before.  The Prime Scales solutions which have helped companies include agriculture and industry, medicine, hospitality and food service.

The Prime Scales slogan, “Go Beyond”, refers to the company’s ability to not only provide equipment that saves repetitive steps, making each employee’s time more valuable than it was before, but also to supply support and analytics to help the customer work with the data set that develops during the weighing process.  After all, the scales are critically important, but perhaps not as important as the data they return. In some cases, Prime Scales will be able to recommend a data flow, and in some cases may even help the customer set up failover and load balancing.  The choices that are made about how to use the data, how to retain the data and what information is comparable across data sets, of course, belongs is the company in question; however, with decades of experience behind them and a world class portfolio of satisfied customers, Prime Scales is well suited to advise teams on how to make sure the weighing process is returning useful data for the betterment of the organization.


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