Working with an Experienced Vendor for Weighing Solutions

Weigh Better. Go Beyond
There are vendors who are fly-by-night, and everyone in the industry knows who they are.

Some vendors create a lot of pressure because they are constantly jockeying for position with the customer. There are vendors who are more like friends or colleagues.  When a company is looking for a partner to work with, who will communicate well on a technical, a risk management and a business process level, they cannot do better than partnering with Prime Scales.

Prime Scales, whose slogan is “Weigh Better. Go Beyond” is one of the premier custom weighing solution designers in the world. They service a broad range of client companies, across vertical industries from medical and scientific, industrial and business and hospitality and food service.  Prime Scales is the leading distributor of customized scale solutions in the United States.  Their years of experience in their particular field lead them to perfect the Weigh Better part of their business.  That is, until 2013, they were focused on the data gathering side of the equation, perfecting their weighing solution options and working with clients to ensure that the data collection was working optimally.

In 2013, the company’s focus broadened, and they updated their slogan accordingly.  Instead of just, “Weigh Better.” Prime Scales added the phrase “Go Beyond.”  This reflected their understanding of the market shift that had been going on for a few years.  The practical weighing machines excellent when it’s required, but knowing what is required is a much more difficult and human-driven.  Ensuring that the “beyond” would be taken care of with at least as much energy became an added value Prime Scales could offer its customers.

With the depth and breadth of experience Prime Scales brings, they can help customers analyze business processes that drive the revenue stream, consolidate and eliminate process steps through the creation of custom weighing solutions, and assist customers in getting the weighing and measuring information into their data systems as appropriate.  In fact, there are customers who require their data to go into more than one system, and Prime Scales has created options for them, too.  From USB to Bluetooth connectivity to PC transfer, there are millions of combinations that can help the Prime Scales data to correlate with the in-house and third party systems that the business uses to configure, record and transport data about their product.

Once the data has been gathered, Prime Scales is one of the few companies that can stick around to assist with interpretive styles, refining gathering processes and in general make sure the organization is as fine-tuned as it is possible to be.  While there are many weighing solutions available and there are many business process analysts available, it is rare to find one organization with the ethics, integrity and business acumen under its umbrella.  Respecting the highest levels of ethics and maintaining complete client confidentiality, Prime Scales could save you a lot of time.


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