The Need for Speed in Property Damage Remediation

When using a good cleaning and restoration company there is an understanding and agreement that speed is an absolute requirement
There is a psychological stress factor that makes every second count when a property is unexpectedly damaged by fire, flood, storm, mold or other unexpected trauma.

The property owner will naturally feel stress while the property recovery is ongoing.  That feeling, unfortunately, is not amiss. The property owner who knows that every second counts, demands speed in response and resolution, wants the insurance company updated and involved at every step, and is desperate to quickly re-accommodate tenants or to move back into the property themselves have the right idea.

Some property recovery and remediation companies will say that the homeowner’s sense of urgency brings added stress and tension to what an every-day process is for them.  When using a good cleaning and restoration company there is an understanding and agreement that speed is an absolute requirement, and this is not based on emotion, but based on empirical evidence.

Particularly in the case of water damage, the need for an immediate response is not questionable.  The damage which water can do is calculated in the amount of water there is, and the time it has to work on the property.  A proper cleaning and restoration company can start the water extraction process quickly so that water stops seeping into carpets, under hardwood, into drywall and upholstery.  Within minutes of water beginning its threat to a property, it will have spread throughout the property.  In as little as an hour, and for the next twenty four hours that a property is subject to water damage, the drywall will swell and buckle, metal surfaces will tarnish, and important personal property like furniture, photographs, printed materials and soft goods will be damaged by the moisture.  The path that the water takes through the property is critical, and a good cleaning and restoration company can not only control water’s movement but also remove water from the property quickly and effectively.

Consider that after one week of exposure to water, the restoration time required for a property increases geometrically.  It’s crucial to use the most qualified company in the industry to take care of properties damaged by water, but the longer the water stays on the property, the more intense the damage will be.  After one week of water occupying a property, a good cleaning and restoration company will spend time examining the structural integrity of the property and ensure that the property’s supporting infrastructure is not only safe, but as safe as it was before the water damage.  Structural rebuilding can be quite intensive after a flood of this nature.  In most cases, when there has been water damage that’s gone on for so long, it’s likely that the focus will be on replacing damaged materials, rather than repairing them. The safety of the building for occupancy, the removal of mold growth and prevention of further mold growing, and the other biological components that can render extended damage to a property will be the major focus of a cleaning and restoration company when there has been extended water exposure.

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