Dealing With Loss In Recovery

Recovery is not always happy and perfect.
Individuals use drugs to escape their emotions, negative feelings, and life circumstances; however when one becomes abstinent from drugs and enters recovery, they begin to feel again.

Many people rejoice in this. Then, when there is a death of a family member or someone who was close to them, they begin to feel pain worse than ever before. Walking through a death of a loved one sober is a chance to grow. Many addicts claim, “When my mother passes, I’ll have to use to cope.” This is not true. In maintaining abstinence even when something is going on that is as painful as a death, to walk through it organically can be very healthy, and a new experience. For the first time the individual will be able to live through such experiences and be in the moment; unlike in the past when they were usually too high to mourn properly, or even attend a funeral.

Divorces and Breakups

Loss of a marriage or relationship may also happen at some point in recovery. That loss is not worth throwing away the time sober that one has put together. Instead of hiding from, or masking emotions, face them head on and learn from the loss.

Losing a Job

Recovering addicts also may lose their job; however, this does not mean they have an excuse to use. In having faith in a higher power, the addict who loses their job will know that their higher power had a plan for them, and better employment opportunities will come about. Everything happens for a reason, even if the reason in unforeseeable at the moment.   

Losing Cars and Material Objects

Addicts may lose cars and other material objects in recovery. Though inconvenient, these are just things, and they are not even close to being as valuable as one’s recovery is.

Recovery is not always happy and perfect. Life still shows up. We lose family members and friends to death or mutual disagreements, we lose jobs for a number of reasons, and we lose prized material possessions.  Anything we put in front of our recovery we will lose. Recovery does not make one exempt of the bitterness that comes with life, but as long as we put recovery first, we will be able to deal with any loss that occurs in life. The most valuable thing a recovering addict has at stake is their own recovery.

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