CYCJET Handheld Inkjet Printer prints clear and individual shipping mark on wooden case package

With the improvement of people’s living standards, higher requirement has been required of wooden packaging for goods. Where there is a product, where there is wooden packaging. Followed by individual packing, shipping mark is popular required by most people. Handheld inkjet printer of CYCJET plays an important role on shipping marking on kinds of package, like wooden case.

Handheld Inkjet Printer owing to its portability and multi-functional has been widely used on the wooden case shipping mark printing. The shipping mark can help the consignee to find his goods easily, so it needs o be clear, individual and permanent. The cycjet handheld inkjet printer adopts advanced technology, which make the handheld inkjet printer in high stability and clear printing.

CYCJET Handheld inkjet coding printer adopts Samsung Microchip, Xaar printhead, and the resolution can be 400DPI, it can print logo and barcode, qrcode clearly. 3.5 inches color touch screen, you can edit your printing information directly through the color touch screen, no need to connect with the PC. You can print any time and anywhere. The ALT382 Large character handheld type printer can print 54mm height character and logo, so it can mark very striking even on large size wooden case package.

The operation and maintenance is quite easy for the handheld inkjet printer. The handheld inkjet printer need to operate in a right way to enlarge its lifetime. It is easy and just several steps, but it is necessary. Spray and clean the print head in right way, in order to protect the print head. And when finishing printing everyday, please turn off the printer, and put the hand jet printer in right place. Prohibit strong shock and electrostatic interference, in case of broke the micro chip or other parts of the hand jet printer. The oil-based ink will be best for wooden case printing, with which the printer will be totally zero maintenance, and the handheld inkjet printer will be more stable. Then cut the using cost of the handle inkjet printer.

CYCJET is the trading name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited, a Shanghai based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of different types of portable and industry-grade printers.

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