How a Combination of Alternative and Modern Medicine Help Patients Recover Faster From Physical Injuries

Mind-body techniques are also considered to be a type of alternative medicine.
Technically, alternative medicines are those which are unorthodox in nature; i.e., members of the medical science community don’t authenticate their effectiveness.

Homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal treatments such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicines come under the category of alternative medicines. Although there are differences in opinion among the doctors and medical practitioners about their working and effectiveness, people around the world – especially South Asian nations – have been using such medicines since ancient days.

As research around alternative medicines has boomed in the past few decades, a vast majority of researchers claim that alternative medicine can prove to be very effective when it is used in tandem with modern medicines. Modern medicines are those which doctors around the world prescribe to the patients; those treatments which are manufactured as pills, ointments or tablets by pharmaceutical companies from bio-chemical components. Patients suffering from physical injuries, such as pain in muscles and joints, bruises, cuts, inflammation, etc. can recover much faster if they are provided with a combination of both alternative and modern medicines.

It is a well known fact that modern medicines have side effects, as well. Modern medicines, such as pain killers which are prescribed to the patients to get relief from pain, are often harsh in nature and could have certain side effects on internal organs such as liver and kidneys. So, in such a situation, alternative medicine could be used alongside modern medicines. Not only will it help patients recover faster; it would also reduce the dosage requirements of the modern medicine, thereby reducing side effects.

For instance, chile pepper could be refined to create an alternative medicine which works as a pain reducing agent. In addition, a paste of honey, turmeric and holy basil also works well to provide relief from pain and inflammation. All of these alternative medicines could be used alongside prescribed drugs to help a patient recover faster than usual from physical injuries.

For treating wounds and cuts resulting from physical injuries, one can use honey or an alternative medicine and modern medicine such as Povidone-Iodine at different times of the day to speed up the healing process. For treating injuries such as burns, alternative medicines such as Aloe Vera, along with prescribed drugs, can speed up the healing process considerably.

Mind-body techniques are also considered to be a type of alternative medicine. Meditation and mental healing are some of the techniques which could be done alongside taking modern medicine to strengthen the mind and body.  According to many researchers, this could result in a faster recovery from bodily injuries.

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