Buzzographic is Malaysia’s Newest Millennial Site

Turning useful information into more popular content, Buzzographic is rising to be one of the favorite sites of Malaysian millennials.

With the main goal of filtering all the important and relevant information for today’s generation, the contemporary website now serves as one of go-to portals for readers are looking for quick and interesting reading materials.

The increasing popularity of online inforgraphics is likewise a result of the need for easy to digest information, without comprising all the necessary facts. This is exactly what Buzzographic has achieved in their new site. Tackling rather heavy topics like Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, the website still manages to make the content lighter and easier to understand.

Although Buzzographic’s target audience is wide, the website has been primarily getting the attention of the youth and young entrepreneurs due to their contemporary approach to content management.

In the past, inforgraphic was widely used for a more organized and visual presentation of data, patterns, and trends. Throughout the years, this visual tool has been primarily used for mass communication, allowing communicators present information more quickly and creatively.

“The buzzographic audience in social media will be treated to interesting content and we want them to sharee it,” a message from the BuzzoGraphic team says.

The team also announced that the website is open for article contribution, as long as the content is up to the trend currently being featured and will add more value to the information-sharing started by the website. According the Buzzographic founders, more than being recognized as a trendy information site, their main goal is to ripple change and inspiration to its readers. Through the site, readers can learn how they can start-up their own businesses, how to manage their income, and how to make the most out of the latest trends in business and lifestyle.

More list and infographics can be found on

“The internet has evolved into so many different things, but we have the option to use it for the greater good, and this is our own way of actually promoting self-growth among our readers through our creative content,” a statement from the Buzzographic team says.


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