SOURCEvapes Launches Source Terra Ceramic Donut Atomizers

SOURCEvapes changed the game with their Orb 3 Quartz Coiled vaporizer with the purest flavor ever, and has now looked to change the game again with a new Terra Ceramic Donut atomizer.

Vaporizers are a relatively new technology, but their popularity, taking over from combustible cigarettes as a cleaner, more varied alternative to tobacco, has seen the technology advance hugely in just the past few years. Of those companies pushing the frontiers, SOURCEvapes is perhaps at the leading edge, looking to revolutionize how vaporizers work to deliver the ultimate vaping experience. The Source Orb 3 introduced the quartz coil vaporizer, which offered a game changing user experience. They have now done it again, with a ceramic donut atomizer that will offer the lowest vaporizing temperatures ever. 

The new SOURCE Terra Ceramic atomizer is fully compatible and interchangeable between SOURCE orb V2, SOURCE globe V2, and the SOURCE bubbler. The new SOURCE terra ceramic atomizer achieves vaporization at the lowest ever temperature, delivering a better taste than traditional coil atomizers, which burn the e-liquids and concentrates.

These can be used with the Source Orb 3 range, considered the best vape pens in the market today thanks to their quartz coils, which have made giant leaps in creating the cleanest and clearest taste ever. The signature kit features the Orb 3, Globe 4, both the quartz and ceramic atomizers and more, making it the ultimate vaping kit. 

A spokesperson for SOURCEvapes explained, “We are thrilled to be able to bring not one but two revolutionary new products to market in the same year. This has been possible because we have a committed research and development committee that works hard to ensure no avenue is left unexplored. In these cases, both were viable options for improving the vaping experience, so we have brought them to market in one of the most exciting developments of the decade. We look forward to continuing our work on forthcoming exciting projects, and sharing them with our ever increasing clientele.”

About SOURCEvapes:

SOURCEvapes transforms the vaporizing experience into a sophisticated sensory journey. SOURCEvapes atomizers offer a one-of-a-kind experience. To guarantee the purest taste, they use only the best materials, including Quartz, and offer the highest quality at the most competitive prices. They offer exemplary customer service, with a 30 day no quibble return policy.

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