“Abortifacient,” Ninth Film from Filmmaker Fatima Hye, Explores Gender and Family Roles

In modern society, there is an enormous amount of pressure for people to fill traditional roles like parent, child bearer, and bread winner. In the latest film from noted filmmaker Fatima Hye, she uncouples people from these conventional roles and exposes the raw emotions that pour forth when people are challenged. “Abortifacient” focuses on Julian, a young man who is creative and passionate but also darkly obsessive. In this operatic cinema, Julian learns that an ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

Fatima Hye is a prolific filmmaker beginning with a short, experimental video entitled “Ritual” that she produced on a shoestring budget, up to her latest 50-minute picture called “Animalium.” With a background in philosophy, Fatima’s broad view of society has informed her unique vision. In “Abortifacient” Fatima uses an unplanned pregnancy as the backdrop for an electric and shocking drama. Fatima has also called this piece “operatic cinema”, because she uses familiar classical music pieces to orchestrate the dramatic tension. The production and acting crew includes veterans and newcomers alike, including Will Burnson as “Julian,” Bonnie Gayle as “Mia,” James Burleson as “Brian,” Jason Casillas as DP, and Heather Benson as Production Artist.

The budget for the film is $16,000 which includes crew salaries, production equipment, music, and post production. To fund her film, Fatima has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and invited her fans to join her in this important project. In return for backing this project, supporters can receive valuable perks like “Made Possible By” credits, streaming film links, DVDs, soundtrack CDs, story boards, art props, “Associate Producer” credits, or Special Guest Passes to a screening.

To learn more about “Abortifacient” or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit http://kck.st/1NXQh8j

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