Kickstarter Campaign for JISIWEI S+ Futuristic Robot Cleaner About to Begin Soon

JISIWEI S+, a futuristic home robot, will be commercially launched in November. The Kickstarter campaign for the robot starts on 29th September.

JISIWEI+, a futuristic robot envisioned and designed by JISIWEI Intelligent Tech, a China based robotics research and innovation company, will be launched in November. The innovators said that they have been conducting deep research in the field of home robotics for seven long years. They announced that the Kickstarter campaign for the JISIWEI+ futuristic robot starts on 29th of September this year. The innovators claimed with conviction that the robot will revolutionize home cleaning and home security in November this year.

While explaining the features of the futuristic robot, one senior technocrat representing JISIWEI Intelligent Tech said that JISIWEI S+ is world’s first vacuum cleaning robot that comes with an inbuilt camera and Wi-Fi. He added that the built-in camera can show any suspicious activity or event in a home to its owner who can remotely keep an eye on his home. He said that they have used motion detection technology in the home robot so that home owners can easily track trespassers. He also added that the research team is busy in making the robot ready for the market. The representative maintained that the success of the Kickstarter campaign would largely determine their next course of marketing activities.

“We can safely say that it’s a revolutionary product. Close circuit cameras have been around for quite a few years. However, the video recording feature, Smart motion detection, Wi-Fi compatibility and cloud compatibility can make the JISIWEI+ a potential frontrunner in the niche market for cloud-based robots that are specifically meant for surveillance and monitoring,” the representative added.

One senior marketing executive of JISIWEI Intelligent Tech recently appeared before the press here in Beijing. “Our Kickstarter fundraising campaign is slated to start on 29th September. We know that there are many tech enthusiasts around the world who would love the novelty and immense potential of the home robot which is still in the assembly line. We plan to launch the robot commercially in coming November and the Kickstarter campaign is going to help a lot. Next, we will invest in social media marketing and search marketing for wide promotion of the idea, and the product,” he said to the press representatives.

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JISWEI Intelligent Tech is a Shenzhen, China based robotics research and innovation firm.

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