Meet Lilja, a true girls girl from Iceland that is now preparing the launch of her exotic line of perfumes in the UK

She is known for being the women behind one of Iceland’s top fashion labels, Gydja Collection and for empowering women wherever she goes.

Now that Iceland is becoming one of the hottest places in the world to visit we can’t help to be a little curios about one of Iceland’s leading designer and entrepreneur that is now coming with her unique line of perfumes to the UK and yes, it is a definitely different from other fragrances as it is meant to bring a touch of confidence to the wearer with that extra energy pow from  the Icelandic nature.

Lilja’s perfume collections that are the only volcano and glacier perfumes in the world includes line of three different perfumes, body lotion and a deodorant all made to give that extra touch of confidence to the wearer with a glimpse of the mystical Icelandic energy. And off course it is inspired by and named after Iceland´s most famous volcanoes and glaciers.

When asked about her line of perfumes and how it came about she says:

All of the products that I design for my brand have the same goal, to give the wearer that extra touch of confidence and empowerment. As I am born and raised in the magical energy of the Icelandic nature I simply want people all over the world to be able to embrace themselves with that energy that inspires me and gives me so much every day. That is how the perfume line came to life. Each and every of my perfumes are made from and named after specific Icelandic glaciers and volcanoes so they have huge names and characters to them.”

Eyjafjallajokull for ladies is the first one in the perfume family and it is actually made from the famous glacier that managed to stop the air traffic around the world in 2010. Who doesn’t remember that? The perfume is fresh with a hint of citrus and a bit spicy undertone that comes from sandal wood. It is off course made from the glacier water straight from Eyjafjallajokull but also each bottle comes with a piece of lava wrapped around the bottle neck. How cool is that?

Vatnajokull is the only male fragrance in the collection and as you may guess it is made from the largest glacier in Europe.

Lilja explains that concept behind Vatnajökull was to unleash the inner-fire of the wearer – to represent prowess and courage. So it comes as no surprise that the face of the male fragrance Vatnajokull is Iceland’s strongest man and in fact Europe’s strongest man too, a true Viking that you may know from Game of Thrones as The Mountain, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson.

Ok so here is why we are a little obsessed with the Icelandic goddess:

She has an exotic look and style, her unique brand Gydja Collection that she actually did build from scratch at only 24 years old and yes she is a true girls girl with a vision to empower and throws retreats on Bali for women as well as popular Empower Women courses.

More details:

Lilja at the age of 24 was determined to launch a brand that stood out from other brands. She wanted to give women a range of accessories and designer perfumes that would give them individuality and strength. Armed with a small budget she soon achieved her goals by launching her brand in 2008. Since then, her perfumes and accessories have become firm favourites with women all over the world, which includes many celebrities that are a fan of her products. 

The lifestyle brand has become a favourite with celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger. Other celebrities who are fans of the brand also include Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films and Eva Longoria to name a few.

When Lilja was asked what her ultimate goal was, she said: “My mission is to be able to travel the world and give women the courage they need to follow their dreams as well as continue to create more beautiful products that give inspiration and confidence to the wearer.”

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