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Foundation repair specialists employ techniques, such as utilizing a hydraulic power lift to lift up and stabilize the structure of the building including the foundation.
Hardly any type of building repair and renovation problem can be more severe in its effect and urgency than those that pertain to its foundation.

This is why property owners should consult a foundation specialist as soon as such a defect is spotted. These seemingly little and innocuous cracks and wall deformities are actually signs of a much bigger menace at hand, and could compromise the integrity of the entire structure of the building.

But first, it is important to understand what the foundation of a building actually means and how dangerous are such defects.

What is the foundation?

The foundation refers to the part of the structure of the building that shifts its weight to the ground. In this system of construction, the foundation is the base of stone and concrete on which the entire superstructure of the building stands. The strength of the foundation and the possible volume of the structure are determined by finding out the weight capacity of the ground or the soil.

Signs of foundation problems:

Caused by a variety of factors, such as unstable soil chemistry, poor foundation masonry, or ageing of the building, foundation problems can really prove to be devastating and expensive. Signs of foundation problems could include, but are not limited to:

• Horizontal cracks in the wall

• Cracks in the floor  

• Cracks in the ceiling

• Cracks in the stairs

• Wall leaning

• Fireplace leaning

• Doors sliding when closing or opening

• Nails forced out of foundation walls

• Building premises lower to the driveway joint

Consequences if left unattended

If left unattended, foundation problems can prove devastating to the health of a building structure. The cracks on the foundation walls can spread out to the walls and ceiling, which are more severe signs of an unstable foundation. The pressure from a cracking foundation slab could also damage plumbing fitted inside the walls, even worsening the problem. Furthermore, in a worst case scenario, a much damaged structure could pose the risk of collapsing.  Unfortunately, this is not something unheard of.

The Solution

Foundation repair specialists employ techniques, such as utilizing a hydraulic power lift to lift up and stabilize the structure of the building including the foundation.   Steel piers are then installed to eliminate the building from further settling down into the ground. There are several other techniques to address each specific problem on its merits, for both residential and commercial foundation repair. But regardless of the technique, foundation repair experts should always be consulted instead of regular mason, construction or renovation services.

For customers based in Oklahoma City, there are quite a few options for foundation repair.  One of the reputable Oklahoma City companies can be consulted for a quick examination and quote. Factors such as warranties, insurance coverage, and reputation are important factors for making the right selection.

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