Imagination Creates Possibility for Airwheel intelligent Electric Self-balancing Skateboards and All Technological Products

In ancient myths and legends, there are fantastic imaginations about transport vehicles. Many of them have been successfully devised. Just dare to think and imagine, science and technology could create more possibility. In science fiction and movies, there are also imaginations about riding one-wheeled unicycles to get around. This has also been made possible. That is the cool and dazzling Airwheel self balancing electric scooter

Technology changes the way people perceive the world. Before the invention of Iphone, it is beyond imagination that cellphones could do so much more than calling someone or sending texts. Before the introduction of Google driverless car, people could hardly imagine that cars could work without drivers. Before the marketing of electric self-balancing scooters, urban dwellers could barely believe that daily commuting could be so efficient and there could be such a novel trip mode.

Unlike the ancient wild guesses on the transport vehicles, Airwheel intelligent unicycle works on a series of rigorous technological theories and is made of quality components. It is designed on the basis of dynamic self-balance theories. A built-in gyroscope and accelerating sensor detect the attitude of the scooter body. After some precise calculations by an intelligent chip, it will give order to drive the maglev motor to achieve self-balance. 

During the riding process, when riders lean forward, the built-in motor of the one-wheeled scooter will accelerate. Instead, when people lean backward, it will slow down. Riders are required to control the vehicle by leaning to different directions and the vehicle will make corresponding movements.

The unique way of riding and the practical functions have gained the device popularity among urban dwellers. Riding Airwheel intelligent unicycles on the bustling street will bring about more carefree and refreshing experience than any other kind of vehicles. During rush hours, even a luxury car could not compare with the efficiency of an electric scooter. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters, powered by electricity still leads the low-carbon commuting trend.

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