The Magical History of Utah

The earliest inhabitants of Utah were the Fremont Indians, hunters who crossed the frozen Bering Strait and wandered the Western US.
As a native of the great State of Utah, I am proud to share our history!

Utah has both historical, as well as social significance. It has a rich legacy of flora and fauna, as well as great geographical diversity! The most significant part of Utah’s ancient history is the abundance of dinosaurs that once ruled over the region. The greatest influence on the state’s topography is ancient Lake Bonneville, which covers much of Utah and some portions of Nevada.

The earliest inhabitants of Utah were the Fremont Indians, hunters who crossed the frozen Bering Strait and wandered the Western US. The Fremont community lived in what is now the northwestern part of Utah and also some parts of Nevada and Colorado from 600 to 1500 AD. The Fremont Indians were part of an indigenous culture that lived on this land and were the first settlers to use the bow and arrow and create shelters for living.

During the 19th century, the residents of Utah were primarily hunter and gatherer Indians, divided into four main tribes: Ute, Paiute, Goshutes and Shoshone. The Shoshone lived in the northeast section of Utah; the Goshutes in Utah’s northwest; the Utes in the central and eastern parts; while the Paiutes settled in the southwest. These tribes were skilled fishermen, created beautiful pottery and raised abundant crops.

Utah’s central location in the western US is known as “The Crossroads of the West,” as the Spaniards and New Mexicans began exploring Utah in search of new shortcut routes to the western coast. They were able to discover a new trade route, which earned the name of “The Old Spanish Trail.”  

Utah Boasts 5 national parks and has an absolute abundance of nature and wildlife it has been chosen for the sets of 100’s of films and movies mainly because of the geographical variation!

On July 24th 1847, Brigham Young, in search of a place that was uninhabited, first entered the Salt Lake Valley with a company of Mormon pioneers. After successfully settling in the Salt Lake Valley, these Mormon pioneers went on to colonize many other areas of what is known as Utah today. Within a few years, thousands of Mormons migrated to Utah, a newspaper was in circulation, theatres were built and government was established. By 1900, Utah had become a state, with Fillmore as its first capital, and become populated by nearly 500 settlements.

Over the last century Utah has thrived in innovation, industry, and commerce! Utah has many unique mineral deposits for example Red Beryl is only found in 3 places on earth and 2 are right here in Utah! Another rare mineral found in the Uintah Basin is Gilsonite, it is used mainly in inks and paints but also in over 160 products. Because of Utah’s unique geographical and mineral diversity along with a tradition of industrious work ethic and a can do attitude still holds true today! Utah has one of the most literate and diverse workforces in the nation and of course a free spirited independent breed of entrepreneurs that can stand up to anyone!

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