How Depression Can Lead to Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex disease.
Across the globe, there are millions of people who endure various circumstances in their daily lives.

Mostly people tend to be happy, and they express this by exercising their happiness through parties, outings with friends or a nice peaceful dinner with family. There is also an inner sadness, which is at times not at all expressed, or it takes the form of other internal conflicts. It is natural to feel a bit down on daily basis; however, if that mood persists for countless days, it could be a sign of depression.

Depression is not weakness or a part of negative personality. It is actually a common treatable mental health issue. Some of the symptoms of depression are a feeling of hopelessness, or lack of interest in life. The depressed person finds themselves worthless, and feels guilt deep down. There is no charm in life for them, and thoughts of death and suicide start to slither into their mind. Emotional turmoil is a gift of depression, and high use of drugs is common among many depressed souls.

Drug addiction is a complex disease which has negative effects not only on the individual, but also on society as a whole. Drug addiction can arise for many reasons. Many people try to experiment with some drugs for recreational purposes, while others just try out drugs in curiosity. Depression takes the shape of a more severe disorder when the person starts taking drugs to overcome the depression. Some people use several substances to make them feel good. To put an end to depression or a sad mood, some people have a cigarette with friends, engage in a bit of cocaine at a party, or indulge in alcohol to drown their sorrows. Some depressed patients use drugs to calm their nerves or feel energized by using drugs.

Stress, anxiety, panic, trauma, and chronic pain lead to a high intake of drugs. There are other factors which increase drug addiction among many people. Some of these reasons are family issues, unemployment, breakups, anxiety of work and health issues. Research shows that nearly one third of people with depression have severe alcohol addictions. Addiction leads to impulsiveness, and it makes the addict mentally unhealthy; therefore, a positive attitude towards life paired with the ability to deal with the sorrows and low moments that occur in life can help an individual guard themselves against drug abuse and potentially eliminate depression related substance abuse altogether.

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