Aura Glass – A Unique Rotating Wine Glass

This contemporary glass aerates a glass of wine with the touch of a finger.

Danbury, CT. – Aura Glass redefines the basic shape of the wine glass. Unlike any other glass, this glass pivots on a stainless steel ball, making it easy to swirl, which flawlessly blends the beverage’s aromas and flavors. Aura Glass comes in two sizes: large which is ideal for red wines, and small for white wines, but there are no rules; either glass can be used for any beverage.

This novel glass has retained the simplicity of traditional designs while solving two common problems. Firstly, to date all notable means of aerating wine have required users to either swirl a glass awkwardly, or use a separate decanter or device. Aura Glass solves that problem by pivoting on a stainless steel ball at the perfect angle, creating a decanter you can drink from. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of accidental spills that are common with stemware. See a short video for a demonstration. 

The husband and wife co-founders have a background in engineering design and 32 years of combined experience in Quality and Operations. Over the past two years, they have perfected the design and gone through multiple iterations of prototyping and market testing. They are now ready to bring Aura Glass to market. 

“At Aura glass we believe in challenging our imagination to create unique glassware to enjoy wine & spirits. Our love of wine and years of experience in continuous innovation coupled with a maniacal focus on quality has led us to create Aura Glass,” says Aura Glass co-founder Keven Carpenter.

Aura Glass has launched on Kickstarter, with a goal to raise $50,000 to fund first run production costs. The campaign will be live until Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015. Backers of the project can pre-order the Aura Glass at discounted prices. 

Kickstarter campaign:

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