What to Bring to Recovery

The candidates for recovery will find themselves feeling that they fit in well with the community and can avoid any social challenge.

There are so many different styles of addiction treatment, and so many different types of drug rehab centers in Utah, therefore, there are different philosophies about what a patient should bring with them to treatment. Some facilities prefer patients to bring their personal effects and enough clothing to last the term of the planned treatment. Other programs take a more minimal approach and request that the patient bring next to nothing. Some programs that focus on a more experiential treatment strategy might have a special set of requirements for the patients to bring, in order to adequately make it through the program. In the case of most modern, high quality and well-established treatment facilities for drug and alcohol treatment, the option to pack well but pack light is the best choice.

Most of the residential facilities offer very nice accommodations, with rooms that are semi-private, or shared. The concept of a shared room might seem like it is contrary to the need for deeply personal introspection during recovery; however, the fact that isolation can so significantly impact an addict, particularly during the stressful and emotional periods of recovery treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction, companionship is more important than the need for space. The shared room situation allows patients in treatment to take advantage of the deep need for friendship and connection so that they and their fellow patients can achieve sobriety together. As a result, there is not unlimited storage space, and bringing an entire closet full of clothes to treatment will be difficult to manage. Dressing appropriately such as wearing clothing that covers the midriff and does not expose the thighs, pants that do not sag, and shirts that keep the upper arms covered will be helpful. The candidates for recovery will find themselves feeling that they fits in well with the community and can avoid any social challenges beyond the ones that necessarily come with meeting new people in a stressful environment.

As there are prescription services available through most of the elite treatment programs, there is no need to stockpile medications for treatment. The medical staff at the facility will work with each patient and their insurance provider to ensure that prescriptions are filled as needed. The sober lifestyle required in treatment extends beyond each addict avoiding their drug of personal choice and becomes a community responsibility; therefore, those items which may present a problem are stored securely during the patient’s stay.

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