What to Expect in Recovery

In concept, treatment is easy at an inpatient drug rehab facility.
When someone is considering entering treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, there are a number of different fears and concerns that can become an inhibition to the progress of that good intention.

The mental image that many people may have is one of recovery programs as forced marches down a road of treatment, leading to the horrible life they have been working hard to escape. The traditional view of therapy as a long talk about problems that cannot be solved, or the perception that addiction is genetic and medical and; therefore, a disease that cannot be cured or treated, all stand in the way of some recovery opportunities. These are myths and should not be impediments to the opportunity that recovery treatment offers for a sober, healthy and fulfilling life.

In concept, treatment is easy at an inpatient drug rehab facility. There is a great staff surrounding the addict, and they are charged with making sure that sobriety is an option that the addict can attain. The accommodations in treatment are generally peaceful, and there are people surrounding the addict who genuinely care about and nurture the whole person who is recovering from addiction.

There are few responsibilities that are demanded of the addict, unlike those of day-to-day life – the need to pay bills, clean the house and take care of the children, much less show up at the office on time and sober.  All of these are removed from the addict’s shoulders which make them available to concentrate on their own healing and growth.

In reality, treatment is one of the hardest things anyone will have to encounter. The demands of intensive therapy, which investigates the addict’s most private and internal motivations, are extreme. The emotional energy expended just discovering what it is that has driven the addict to arrive at this place of recovery from a life out of control is a task that many do not want to face.

There is the need to adopt physical exercise and a proper nutritional program, in order to sustain the addict’s physical body during the stress and trauma that are part of recovering from drug abuse. There is the need to recreate or rehabilitate a life that has been damaged by addiction behaviors.

Only with the most talented and dedicated support professionals and medical staff can an addict reach for the stability that a sober and enriched life can offer.

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