Spiritcube™ App tackles android development

Oct 02, 2015 – Spiritcube™ Inc., Has developed a working iOS version of a 3D media App that is a cutting edge one of kind concept allowing users to communicate and share in a 3D virtual cube. With 100% user approval the Spiritcube™  iOS mobile app provides users with a seamless mobile solution for 3D social interaction. The Spiritcube Dev Team spearheaded by CEO Chris Nelson has been testing and redeveloping the app over an 8 month period and opened the doors with an iOS approved version in early September 2015. The Team is pushing out an Android version while debugging its iOS version at the same time. Release of the Android version is set for November 2015 and a windows version to follow.

The standalone APP is simple to use as it enables users to create a 3 Dimensional, finger controlled, rotating cube, with just a few quick taps. The Spiritcube™ App version “1” allows users to share images, messages and likes with other users. The Free app also has a prebuilt ad engine allowing for advertiser logos and links to occupy one of the 3D tiles fronts and with a tap or click users will be directed to corresponding advertiser websites. Users will also be able to replace the advertising tile in the cube with a custom designed tile purchase from the in-app purchase section. Upgrades are currently underway and expect numerous internal and external changes daily.  

Spiritcube™ Inc., Founder and CEO Chris Nelson stated, “The process of working with our developers from idea inception to a working app through thirty 30 revisions has been an enlightening experience. Each time we tested the app with a new user there was always extremely positive feedback. As it stands alone, the 3D cube design with finger control is a unique and mesmerizing feature, but we when adding in the social connection aspects; we realized, we all knew that we were doing something revolutionary.”

The way people communicate digitally will change with the ground breaking Spiritcube iOS App. Company management will continue development of the 3D cube platform and envision a multitude of revolutionary applications.

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