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Twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are based on the concept that every day is a new day and a chance for an addict to choose sobriety, again.
Twelve step programs have been so successful, helping many addicts prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

They have become recognized as more than just a community support element that addicts access after recovery. The best alcohol treatment programs in Orange County actively include the twelve step program methodology in the recovery treatment process. This helps the addict acclimate more quickly to including the meetings in their daily life, once they’re out of recovery.  

It helps the addict to create relationships that are meaningful peer-addiction support relationships. This is in contrast to the professional support services offered by the recovery treatment program; but in some ways, are more meaningful because these relationships are formed from the heart.

Twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are based on the concept that every day is a new day and a chance for an addict to choose sobriety, again. This dovetails well with cognitive behavioral therapy, which is considered the best therapeutic methodology to help addicts actualize the skills needed to achieve long-term sobriety.  CBT, combined with the community and peer support in a drug and alcohol treatment community, will help the addict to create a world view that supports her need to be sober, without allowing her to feel judged, condemned or isolated.

There are stages to most twelve step programs, but the most common factors found in this way of thinking about addiction are:

1. The addict has to recognize that they have a problem with substance abuse or compulsion.

2. The addict recognizes that there is a higher power which can help restore their life.

3. A sponsor, or experienced recovered addict, helps the addict reflect on their past mistakes.

4. The addict takes responsibility for apologizing to those whom he/she has wronged.

5. The addict adopts a new way of behaving that fits with a new code.

6. The addict is willing to help others who suffer from addiction or compulsion.

The twelve step program for the addict addresses the mental work that is required to adapt to a sober life. There are complementary or ancillary community resource programs that are based on the twelve step approach.

These aim to help the family and friends of an addict deal with the addict’s behavior. There is nothing to be ashamed of when considering taking advantage of a twelve step program, either inside of recovery treatment or on a personal level.

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