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It can be challenging for a patient or their loved ones to know what is acceptable and appropriate to bring to recovery, when it comes to personal entertainment.
There are many important aspects of treatment to take into consideration when thinking about entering a drug rehabilitation program.

An individual struggling with addiction is focusing on recovery from drug reliance or alcohol problems; therefore, little focus is given to the entertainment that we all need to maintain strong mental health. The desire and ultimate need for personal amusement does not disappear when a person decides to enter treatment.  The chance to be involved in activities that were once enjoyable when they led a sober life can actually aid recovery. At the The Pines Recovery, providing books, music or experiences that reconnect an addict to a part of themselves they may have thought they lost to the behaviors and challenges of addiction can be a profound influence for a recovery that is long lasting and offers far more than just sobriety.

It can be challenging for a patient or their loved ones to know what is acceptable and appropriate to bring to recovery, when it comes to personal entertainment. There are various programs and treatment facilities that have different rules and expectations on the patients who are recovering. One universal rule is that no illegal substance or alcohol should be brought into the treatment facility under any circumstances. Oftentimes they will be contained in face wash or nail polish remover. The expectation of support for the whole community by each patient in treatment is something that every rehabilitation facility should demand and encourage; however, there are a numbered amount of personal items which, in a small quantity, can be brought to treatment.

The addict’s favorite novel could be a fantastic escape from the difficulties of recovery, but bringing too many books is not a good plan. There are plenty of opportunities to read magazines from home or to listen to music, which might be brought on an MP3 player or something equivalent that does not have internet capabilities. The majority of the recovery programs currently do not encourage individuals going through recovery to bring mobile phones, smart phones or devices that can access the internet. This is because the patient needs to focus on their recovery and the loving people around them, and devices with internet access can distract from being mindfully present.

The point of recovery is to get rid of anything in the mind involving the mental patterns and programming that have led to their addiction. The challenges of reaching the point where sobriety makes sense than the escape that is possible while in addiction are not small. Overcoming the disease of addiction takes a team of incredible individuals; and the patient must be a focused part of that team. This does not mean leaving all personal items behind; however, a sense of security and relaxation can be crucial facets while on the path to sobriety.

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