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Smiling without a second thought, and without any concern about how others will perceive their smile, is one of the base elements that can allow individuals to enjoy life.
A smile is one of the first things people notice. Individuals naturally analyze the smiles they encounter, to the point where studies have shown that smiling is one of the most important non-verbal methods of communication.

A person can tell if a smile is fake, or if it is a sincere indication of enjoyment. With that much pressure on a person’s smile, it’s no wonder that so many cultures around the world demand a beautiful set of teeth! Taking good care of a smile is one of the most universal ways to increase confidence, gain favor with others, and bring a sense of beauty to the world. Dental implant dentist, Dr. Daniel Fenton of Fort Lauderdale, FL explains why smiling is such an important aspect to the quality of an individual’s life.

If teeth are missing or damaged, a person will hesitate to smile wide. People who are not able to truly enjoy themselves by smiling with their teeth are missing out. Not only does their expression fail to convey their real emotions, but their closed mouth smile can mistakenly be interpreted as withheld affection, and create a barrier preventing personal relationships from reaching their full potential.

Smiling without a second thought, and without any concern about how others will perceive their smile, is one of the base elements that can allow individuals to enjoy life. Replacing lost teeth with dental implants will help increase self-confidence. Dental implants have developed a great deal in the last decade, to the point where they are now not only affordable, but realistic in aesthetics and very attractive. When the technological miracle of dental implants have the ability to change a smile, they change a life. Here’s how.

Smiles are a Drug

Most intuitive individuals can tell a fake smile from a real smile, and something as simple as a smile makes a big difference in the chemicals released in the human body. An honest smile can trigger a flood of endorphins that make the body feel purely happy, satisfied, and relaxed. The body’s immune system works better when these endorphins are released and there is scientific evidence that blood pressure is reduced when a person smiles. The relaxation response has been proven in multiple studies, but the best way to know this works is to try it. Smile! 

Share The Smiles!

Not only does receiving a smile make a person feel better, but society seems to be programmed to flock toward a beautiful and genuine smile. This makes sense when the benefits of the smile are considered. Boosting immune system response, lowering blood pressure, and releasing the body’s natural painkillers without any chemical interference from outside the body – that’s a health care plan everyone can benefit from! Sharing a smile  is more than just a quick nod and a polite way to move through the day. Sharing a smile with a friend, a family member, or a stranger is sharing some of the body’s natural defense against illness, aging and stress. Smile, and the world smiles.

Self-Conscious Smiling

There’s no way around the simple fact that people know when a smile is insincere. Babies know. Your family knows. The guy conducting your job interview knows. A fake smile, or one that’s self-consciously altered because of a fear to smile with teeth, is going to send the wrong message. Is it better to smile without inhibition, with all sorts of crooked and broken teeth showing? While this will not incur the same response as a forced smile, there is too much high-speed judgment being made when someone meets you for the first time. In one second, according to the Association for Psychological Science, a stranger will decide who they think you are by the way your face looks. Crooked, missing, broken and discolored teeth will not send the right impression.

Smile Impacts

There are many examples of smiles in many different mediums. Perhaps the most famous is the Mona Lisa, who smiles with her lips closed. She has a secret. She knows something that she isn’t sharing. She isn’t entirely trustworthy, although she is intriguing. Any cartoonist, political or otherwise, who wants to convey wickedness or sloth, will depict the character with broken or missing front teeth.

How a smile appears is a major factor in the split second judgments that are passed all over the world, every day. Going to a job interview without the appropriate preparation, or hitting a first date without dressing properly just isn’t something most people do. The most important preparation for either event, though, is pampering your smile. Using a beautiful smile to exhibit confidence, competence, and trustworthiness is one of the most important ways to convey who you are.

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Soaking up the moments of true happiness is one of those universal human experiences that connect us. Those moments only appear when individuals feel healthy and safe. Safety can mean many things to different people, but one of the most common factors in defining safety is a sense of being accepted. This calls back to humanity’s roots as a very social and dependent creature. Being part of a tribe, or pack, might not only guarantee food and shelter, but also physical safety and defense. The feeling of being confident in your companions is part of your most human self, needing to be with a tribe.

Creating friendships and relationships that can trigger the feelings of acceptance and reliability is easier with a stunning smile. The need for acceptance is burned into each human being. The ability to snap-judge a person’s trustworthiness as part of the group can be measured in a smile.

Not only do the endorphins released by a smile build the body’s inherent defenses against illness and stress, but the ability to confidently smile helps anyone gain a better livelihood, feel more attractive and trustworthy to others, and ultimately have the confidence to deliver your best to the world.

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