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The opportunity to help one start over and create a life in the world that makes sense and has room for others is one of the great gifts of our current medical and mental health profession.
Think about what it would be like to be dropped into an existence that is entirely different in every way from what is known.

Imagine dwelling in a dreamy, very personal inner world, which is sometimes frightening. No one else could possibly imagine what that inside world was like; and there would be nobody there to empathize about the bad times. There would be no one there to share the good times and achievements. This existence is one that embodies distraction, since the only person in this whole universe is the person whose thoughts are creating that very existence.

This is one way to explain the very surreal experience of many people who suffer from addiction. Falling into a life that is full of the addiction, but lacks the humanity that most people crave, can be a very personal retreat into what feels like hell. The world outside keeps expecting things of the addict; and often these are things that do not make sense inside the insulated, mental world the addict has retreated into. There is a sense that the addict is constantly disappointing everyone and that there is judgment falling on his head from all corners and sides. Without necessarily giving it conscious thought, the addict takes the opportunity to retreat into a world where there is no judgment. They retreat to a space where things often make sense and where the underlying mental health issues associated with anxiety and panic disorders are pushed aside by the chemistry created through the drug abuse or alcoholism.

If the fall into an addiction behavior pattern is a retreat; the battle to return to a sober life is an offensive upset that requires the addict to create a new world view. They must experience the painful approach to relationships that simultaneously seems more and less trustful. These interactions require more physical, mental and emotional energy than most people are ever called upon to bring to the table. The opportunity to help one start over and create a life in the world that makes sense and has room for others is one of the great gifts of our current medical and mental health profession.

For an addict who wants to start over, or for the family and loved ones of a person suffering from addiction, there should be a sense of certainty that there are recovery programs which will help create those mind and skillsets. There should also be the knowledge that there is a different person underneath the fear and drama of addiction. There is a treatment program at Able to Change Recovery that can help rediscover that person. Through the work that is done in treatment, an individual suffering from the tribulations that come with addiction can breathe in a moment of relief that they never have to go back to the dark hole that addiction took them to. Drug and alcohol treatment is so important to intervene with the lifestyle that an addict has become accustom to. The treatments programs at Able to Change Recovery will help an addict in their quest to leave their life of addiction behind, and start a new one. 

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