The Benefits of Employing A Structured Settlement Consultant

Hiring Delgado to facilitate a structured settlement plan is a smart choice because she is an expert in creating relevant and meaningful structured settlement plans.
When one is the victim of an accident, there is usually a settlement involved.

Often, depending on the severity of the accident, the damages and financial losses of the accident, the money received from the settlement can be quite large. Managing the best way to receive the money won in a settlement can be overwhelming, especially if one is not familiar with managing money. Important to seek help from Saphyna Delgado, an experienced structured settlement consultant, can help and is an expert.

Delgado can help navigate the claimant through the settlement system and clarify what can be a complicated process. Choosing to receive the money coming from a personal injury or medical malpractice case in a structured settlement is a smart choice because there are many benefits to it that a structured settlement consultant can help the claimant capitalize on. Delgado specializes in quality customer service for her claimants. She goes above and beyond the standard for helping her clients by understanding their need of financial stability that lasts into their future. Long-term financial security can give anyone peace of mind.

Hiring Delgado to facilitate a structured settlement plan is a smart choice because she is an expert in creating relevant and meaningful structured settlement plans. She understands that a structured settlement can involve more than one avenue of scheduled payments, and can tailor them to her claimant’s financial needs and individual situations. If a structured settlement is created properly, it can be tax-free, while income from a settlement that is received in a lump sum can be completely taxable; and therefore, can result in less money going to the claimant. Structured settlements can also guard the payments against any reductions due to changes in the economy and interest rates and can protect public benefits (Medi-Cal, SSI). 

Delgado has been helping victims of accidents resulting in physical injury and medical malpractice for over sixteen years. She is experienced, reputable, and trust-worthy in her industry. With the help of an experienced structured settlement consultant like Delgado, a structured settlement for an illness, injury, or death can result in tax-free payments that remain even after the claimant returns to work. In addition, a structured settlement consultant can eliminate trust expenses and management fees. Delgado’s services are offered at no cost to the injured party.

Choosing to use Saphyna Delgado for a structured settlement ensures that the claimant gets the maximum benefit out of their settlement. She provides nothing but impeccable customer service and understands all the pieces of a structured settlement as a result of her experience. She can put a structured settlement together that will truly benefit her clients in the long-run, and help provide them with financial security for years. 

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