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With his conservative views of the world, Leger puts forth the time necessary to be a different kind of individual, a trustworthy individual.

Living in the United States, Richard Leger knows that we have an abundance of resources to live successful lives; this is why he feels compassionate to those in need. As Chairman for the Rock of Africa Foundation, Leger helps those who need assistance to live healthier more productive lives in Africa. Leger of Orange County, CA sees that those around him have plenty of capability to be of service to those who cannot help themselves. In realizing this, he has dedicated so much of his life to facilitating nonprofit organizations like the Rock of Africa Foundation whose mission is to bring to the people of Africa nourishment, apparel, medicine, knowledge about HIV/AIDS, vocational training, help to pastors and orphans, support to schools and comfort to the ill and dying.

In addition to being Chairman of Rock of Africa, Leger co-founded the Abolish Slavery Coalition in 2009, a nonprofit organization that serves to end slavery in the world. These two nonprofit organizations work to make a difference in an imperfect world. With Leger’s help and efforts, the world has ample opportunity to be a better place. Leger understands that in order to make a change in the world, one must be that change. With his conservative views of the world, Leger puts forth the time necessary to be a different kind of individual, a trustworthy individual.

He is knowledgeable in the area of running a nonprofit organization, and has seen and experienced success in pursuing the creation of such organizations. Whether it is the abolishment of slavery, or helping underserved areas of the world, Leger has experience working towards these goals. Leger does such work expecting nothing in return but the opportunity to make a difference in this world.

With problems like individuals suffering from disease leaving orphans to fend for themselves increasing, it is vital that more people take a page from Leger’s book and stand up for a cause that is worth fighting for. There are countless individuals in the world in need of aid and someone who is better off than they are to be as generous as Leger is with their time in order for them to have a fighting chance in their life. The Rock of Africa Foundation is one example of Leger’s work for the goodwill of others. It brings new research of the medical problems facing Africa and other underdeveloped countries across the world. With noble acts like this, it is clear that Leger’s work will continue to make a difference in other’s lives.

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