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With an extensive background throughout the years, Dr. Richman works with a variety of clients that includes adults, to families and couples facing relationship problems, anger, depression, and anxiety issues.

Dr. Melissa A. Richman is a prestigious, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and clinical Psychologist… With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Pepperdine University in 1991, a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California in 1994 and a Doctor of Psychology from the American Behavioral Studies Institute in 2001, Dr. Richman specializes in all forms of relationship, marital, life transition, sex addiction and addiction.  She also has a focus in working with couples going through divorce working with family law attorneys in a “Curative” process. Prior to entering full time private practices in Los Angeles early in 2000, Dr. Richman met “DAPA” criteria, becoming a Diplomate through the American Psychotherapy Association.  As a Psychologist/psychotherapist, Dr. Richman feels that her occupation has rewarded her with many lessons in understanding human nature.

With an extensive background throughout the years, Dr. Richman works with a variety of clients that includes adults, to families and couples facing relationship problems, anger, depression, and anxiety issues. She feels that her clients are all unique; therefore, the best way to provide them with the best support is to enter their world.  Her method of treatment helps her clients seek change through awareness and enlightenment.  The “corrective relationship” is the agent of change. The partnership from the beginning of treatment to them is the expertise provided to allow for successful change.

Dr. Richman says, “Learning that life is a process and a relationship is to risk baring the pain of being alone to find out what is true personally, privately, and authentically. Being without someone isn’t about abandonment or loss or an addiction. It is first and foremost about having a true relationship with yourself; only then can you allow the acceptance of the other and a relationship to bloom. Even if it is for a day, a week, a year, things change all the time and there are no guarantees, just a relationship that has to be open to healing and growing and existing.” 

Regardless of the social status or occupation of her clients, Dr. Richman treats each individual client with the utmost respect and discretion. Although she specializes in a wide range of therapy from anger management to post traumatic stress, her main focus is with adults and couples with the gamut of all issues such as relationship work, addiction and sex addiction.  Overall, with dual degrees and training as a licensed a clinical social worker and a psychologist, Dr. Richman treats all aspects of her client’s life.

According to Dr. Richman, she quotes, “I have learned the basic tenet of professional conduct in its highest sense. Psychotherapy is a process that is invaluable. I believe that working with a client is all about taking a journey together, where I navigate and guide my client in a deep exploration to achieve change. If one can change and/or alter their subjective reality, then relief and a new perception will follow. That is the essence of this journey.”

To help others live a better more fulfilled life, Dr. Richman provides free inspirational thoughts and advice by posting New Life Rules on Facebook and Twitter (since early 2013). 

For more information on Dr. Richman and her services, please visit her website at www.RichmanCare.com

She may be followed on Twitter at @MelissaDrmar, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DRMRLCSW and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/drmrlcsw

Being bound to act in a client’s best interest is the high calling that Dr. Richman believes permits no compromise!

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