Creator of Animal Republic Clothing Line Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Asher Kassinove, the creator of the Animal Republic lifestyle clothing line, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production of t-shirts and accessories.

The creator of Animal Republic clothing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production of this unique line of bold prints and patterns that adorn quality clothing items.  The young entrepreneur who created this clothing line has also added the incentive that a portion of each sale will be donated to an animal charity, reflecting the environmental and world focus so important to today’s young people.

Created by Asher Kassinove, 15, Animal Republic clothing reflects the youthful excitement of today’s surfers and skaters.  As seen at, Animal Republic offers a wide range of t-shirts and accessories that reflect the company’s focus on youth and the skateboarding and surfing cultures.  In bold black and white with creative geometric design, these t-shirts and accessories are eye-catching and generate a feeling of energy and exuberance often seen in the skating and surfing worlds.

Featuring images based on mythology and the stars, the clothing line offers a fantastic and mystical approach to basic design and color.  The company offers a complete line of stickers for skateboards or surf bags as well as a basic flag tee, an exo basic tee, a seal basic tee and a simply magna basic logo tee.

All funds raised by the Kickstarter campaign will go towards printing t-shirts and paying designers. On every sale made, the company will donate 10 percent to an animal charity.  As seen at, the Kickstarter campaign offers a unique Animal Republic t-shirt as a reward for a pledge of $30.

For more information on donating to this campaign, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Animal Republic:

Animal Republic is a lifestyle clothing brand that focuses on surfing, skating and other activities as inspiration for its creations.  The work of 15-year-old Asher Kassinove, Animal Republic reflects the free spirit of youth in all of its clothing items.  Now, the creator of this line has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds.

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