The Pain Of Addiction Hinders Dreams

Dreams get put on hold as addiction hinders the ability to be successful in life.
Addiction to anything disrupts a normal life.

It can destroy relationships and cause deep emotional pain. Becoming addicted to a substance or another activity such as gambling can be detrimental.

Here are some ways addiction can cause pain in one’s life:

Loss: Often times in active addiction addicts lose material possessions such as homes and vehicles. They may pawn off valuable and meaningful possessions in order to support their addiction. Loss of these items can cause emotional pain. In addition to losing material items, an addict may lose relationships and marriages. This can also bring great emotional pain through loss.

Physical Pain: Addiction to a substance can cause physical ailments such as withdrawal symptoms and damage to the liver and other vital organs. This physical pain will persist until the user successfully remains abstinent.

Emotional Pain: A drug user may experience emotional pain as a result of depression that was brought on by the effects of substances. Many substances cause a chemical imbalance in the body that will lead to depression or other mood disorders. Additionally, any addiction may cause emotional pain because people will not want to be around a person suffering from active addiction. This isolation not only feeds the addiction, but it also causes the addict to feel intensely lonely.

Causing Pain to Others: It can be very difficult for others to watch an addict struggle with addiction. It can be a heartbreaking experience being around someone you love who is tormented with addiction. Many times close friends and family will try to stick by the addict and help them. However, when the addict refuses to change, these friends and family will leave, and everyone is then in pain.

Anyone addicted to anything is subject to great pain. Addiction is not fun or pleasant. Dreams get put on hold as addiction hinders the ability to be successful in life. The compulsive behaviors of addiction lead addicts to not consider the consequences of their actions. In obsessively seeking out ways to maintain their addiction and continuing to use these vices, they hurt those people around them. They may subject their body to physical pain and suffering in maintaining an addiction to substance abuse. Those who have the ability to realize their problem, and have had enough pain caused by their addiction should seek counseling and classes. Through such counseling and classes, an addict can break free from the pain of their addiction.

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