The Goal Tiger: A Perfect Planner to Unleash Your Productivity

A Perfect Full-year 2016 Planner, Notebook, Journal & Companion. Plan, Execute & Achieve your life goals and become highly effective. Being productive every single day of the year is not easy. You face a lot of distractions and no matter how high your goals are, achieving them becomes more difficult with time.

This Goal-based productivity planner has been designed beautifully for those who are struggling to keep up with their productivity and time management skills every day. The entire planner focuses on a systematic method of taking notes and writing your ideas throughout one full year. You can set your goals, plan them, prioritize them, execute and then review them for the best results.

Apart from the systematic design, what makes the planner aesthetically beautiful is the classic black faux pas leather jacket with the bright and fresh orange band. The unique ring binder system will make you decide the thickness of your planner at a time. To add to that is the rich quality paper and the pen as well as credit card holder.

This, in totality, makes a perfect planner for anyone to plan and achieve their goals in the long run. 

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