Hygienist Fry Advises 6 Step Air Purifier for Flood Victims in Texas, Gulf Coast, and the Carolinas

02 Nov, 2015 – “To make Texas, Gulf Coast, and Carolina flooded homes, workplaces, and commercial buildings immediately safer for both mold remediation work and occupancy, run 24 hours daily a high quality, HEPA-filtered air purifier in each key areas, such as bedrooms, living room, and the family room,” advises Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry, webmaster since 1999 of the mold authority website www.moldinspector.com

“Of all of the many air purifiers for sale, the best overall purifier for making indoor breathing air safer in flooded residences and other building is the 6 Step Air Purifier, available from www.decontaminationgear.com,” adds Fry, who is also a Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Inspector, Certified Remediation Specialist, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and Certified Duct Cleaning Specialist.

“This particular purifier is much more effective in airborne mold spore and mycotoxins killing, removal, and decontamination than other air purifiers in the marketplace. For example, the unit killed 100% of the dangerous toxic Aspergillus mold in clinical testing,” further explains Fry, who has been doing mold inspection, testing, and remediation nationwide USA and across Asia since 1999. 

Homeowners and commercial property owners can research and document the effectiveness of the 6 Step Air Purifier with do-it-yourself mold test kits with viable lab analysis from www.moldgrowthlab.com

The air purifier uses these six proven air-cleaning steps:

1. True HEPA Filter for the most effective protection against dust, mold spores, and other allergens. Recommended by Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Centers of Disease Control.

2. Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and airborne mold mycotoxins. Recommended by U.S. Centers of Disease Control.

3. Activated Carbon Filter for removing airborne mold volatile organic compounds, chemicals, gases odors and cigarette smoke. The most absorbent filter material known to man.

4. Ionizer disperses negative ions to seek out and remove airborne mold spores and other particles and bacteria from the air. Proven by government studies to be effective, and to enhance performance of filters.

5. Programmable Ozone Sanitizer to neutralize powerful odors. Can be completely turned off when not needed. Includes High, Medium and Low settings for appropriate output according to need.

6. Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter for larger particles, lengthening the life of the other filters.

For information on buying the 6 Step Air Purifier, visit www.decontaminationgear.com, or email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com, or phone Fry toll-free 866-300-1616 or cell phone 480-310-7970.

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