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MMP (USA) presents Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
MMP (USA) recently sent their award-winning camera crew on location to film interviews for an upcoming feature story about real-time image recognition technology for retail.

While sales information about retail stores is digitally available today, what is critically missing is real-time data on merchandising and in-store shelf execution. The industry needs tools to aggregate all of this information in a more consistent, reliable and timely manner in order to effectively react to changing market conditions as they occur.

In an upcoming episode, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland will meet with an industry leader in the retail space.  They have created a real-time image recognition technology platform that enables retailers to digitally collect market data in a more reliable, empowering way.

Their proprietary algorithms capture in-store insights with unparalleled accuracy all in real-time. Our guest describes how their technology allows them to be the most scalable solution, covering as many stores, categories and products as required by their clients. In addition, they have the most robust set of retail data and analytics in the market. 

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