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It does not matter who you are or where you are from, The Conflicts Of Life is a free organization that serves to help those who are feeling alone in their life.
Divorces and breakups of long-term romantic relationships can be some of the most painful and lonely times of an individual’s life.

There are times after the end of a relationship or marriage that an individual can feel like a tormented soul, and can blame themselves for everything that went wrong. Most individuals have been through this, yet why is it that when we go through this we feel so incredibly alone? Now, we no longer have to. Thanks to the work of The Conflicts Of Life, a non-profit organization, and founder Patrick Murphy, individuals who are experiencing life changing divorces and breakups have a place to reach out to in order to help them get through this trying time and reestablish themselves after they have made a full recovery and have mended their broken heart.

Patrick Murphy has his own personal experience with divorce. In 2012, he endured an abrupt and heartbreaking divorce after twenty-seven years of marriage. It was so devastating to him that he suffered an emotional breakdown and he actually sought professional help. He now speaks publicly about his experiences in an effort to help fifty-five million individuals who are also feeling alone and afraid having similar events in their lives presently.

The Conflicts Of Life, which is located in the Dallas, Texas area, has both a website, and a Facebook page, which has an astonishing over two-hundred-fifty thousand followers to date. The page contains posts that have inspirational messages and messages that give advice such as, “Don’t let how you feel about your past relationships destroy your current relationship. L.I.G. (Let It Go).”

Their website is really accessible as advice for family, divorce, breakups, conflicts, and even finances, and has numerous resources that anyone who needs additional help can utilize. In November, 2015, The Conflicts Of Life will be holding their first counseling meet-up mid to the end of the month. These counseling meet-ups will be taking place monthly going forward in which there will be various guest speakers that are experts in relevant fields such as lawyers, accountants, and counselors.

The help for those in need of assistance to get through the rough times of an unbelievably emotional breakup that every person in the world goes through, at least once in their life, is now available. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, The Conflicts Of Life is a free organization that serves to help those who are feeling alone in their life. The resources that this non-profit offers gives an invaluable opportunity to recover from heartbreak in a way that was never made available before.   

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