Avalon Pools Are Experts In Tile Restoration And More

If a pool has missing tiles that are unsightly and are starting to chip away, this can be fixed easily with a call to Avalon Pools.
Imagine a one-stop spot for monthly pool service, pool tile repair, pool tile cleaning, pool tile replacement, and pool equipment installation.

Sounds like a lot of services to be offered in one place, right? With Avalon Pools it is not just that all of these services are provided; they are also provided with prompt and reliable employees. The owner and employees at Avalon Pool take the time to create a relationship with their clients while performing the services on their pools. They know that a home is an individual’s sanctuary, and; therefore being in their sacred space, which includes their pool area, is sensitive and a privilege. The best way for the clients to feel comfortable with them being in their living space, is for them to take some time to get to know their client. Avalon knows this, and takes the time to bring about a level of interpersonal communication with their clients in order to build a sturdy relationship so that the next time they call them for services they already have a trusting bond built with them.

After being in business for twenty years, they have built quite a rapport of repeat customers who are extremely satisfied with their hard work. The founder, Mike Volinski, a veteran of the Air Force, worked in the pool industry before starting Avalon Pools. He then began his own business by simply running an ad in local papers. The business grew quickly into what it is today: a family run business that has earned the trust of many happy customers.

If a pool has missing tiles that are unsightly and are starting to chip away, this can be fixed easily with a call to Avalon Pools. They have professional tools at their disposal, and a task like this is something they handle on a regular basis. If a tile is decaying due to calcium deposits and unfavorable mineral and water damage and it is looking like a horrible eyesore, they can fix that too. Cleaning and restoring pool tiles to their original beauty is what Avalon Pools are experts in, and they are dedicated to their work. How does it work? Avalon Pools uses the already existing tile, if it is still there, or they can try to find the same tile. If that is still not a solution, they will locate a tile that will complement the tile that is already there. Some of the reasons that the tile would need to be repaired are the adhesive no longer holding the tile, thus, creating a loss of tile, age of the tile, structure damage, and water damage. Avalon Pools is capable of finding most tiles that are used in pools. If that is just not possible, they will always offer viable solutions until the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

The company is the most honest in their business, and their customers find that they are passionate about what they do, so the work is done quickly, professionally, and does not leave a mess behind. Avalon Pools should always be considered when looking for a pool cleaning service or a tile repair!

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Company Name: Avalon Pools
Contact Person: Mike Volinski
Email: poolguymik@yahoo.com
Phone: (909) 815-7419
Address:1503 N. Campus Ave
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Website: http://www.poolandtile.com