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Oftentimes, patients with extensive dental health problems suffer from dental anxiety.
If you’re experiencing tooth loss, then you understand that it can be a terrifying situation.

For a dentist to run a successful practice, he should be highly empathetic and compassionate towards you, the patient. Dental implant providers should strive to understand their patient’s perspectives, so they can provide top-notch personalized care. With that being said, it’s important that you feel comfortable expressing your feelings with your provider. It’s especially important if you suffer from dental anxiety.

Oftentimes, patients with extensive dental health problems suffer from dental anxiety. This anxiety leads to a lack of treatments, which leads to more tooth loss or decay. Dental implants are a leading tooth loss treatment that restore the natural function of the mouth. In some cases of severe tooth decay, you’ll be able to restore the appearance and structural integrity of your teeth with dental implants. Depending on your level of dental anxiety, Dr. Goehring in Austin, Texas will individualize the perfect dental health treatment for your needs. Whether he needs to provide you with sedation or pick out your favorite songs during the treatment, he’ll make sure that you’re comfortable the entire time.

When patients are afraid of dental work or feel uneasy about a procedure, it can cause difficulties during the placement of the implants. A compassionate provider will make sure that they’re providing patient-centered care, so that you’re entirely comfortable. One way that Dr. Goehring will make sure that your comfortable with your treatment is by making sure that you understand what to expect during your procedure, and how you should handle aftercare. This way, you can feel entirely in control. Dr. Goehring will truly listen to what you have to say to make sure that your treatment goes exactly according to plan.  Not to mention, he’ll ask for your feedback, so that you can feel 100% satisfied with the results.

The success of your dental implants treatment will also be dependent on the healing process. The healing process will depend on where the titanium implants are placed in your jawline in addition to your dental health. For dental implants to succeed, the titanium implants have to heal and integrate in your jaw before the restorative crown is attached. When implants are properly placed and healing goes according to plan, the results are a natural looking and stable tooth. Dr. Goehring at Goehring Dental provides personalized dental implants that look natural and feel comfortable.

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