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The King represents a premium and all-natural alternative to traditional tobacco-based shisha.
The King is a nicotine-free alternative shisha created using a combination of sugarcane and real fruit to ensure a fresh and natural taste. With herbs imported from the Caribbean, The King has established a reputation as the most exquisite shisha world.

Sophisticated Alternative

The King Brand – a Caribbean-bred, nicotine-free, premier shisha company – aims to set itself apart with a sophisticated alternative to traditional tobacco-based hookah shisha. 

After realizing that the hookah shisha industry lacked the iconic brand that exists in every industry, The King Brand’s leadership sought to satisfy a rapidly growing market. 

“A respect for process is integral…” 

“There is a premium brand in every industry,” explains Chris Meade, The King Brand’s Director of Sales. “When it comes to the hookah industry, there’s yet to be an established premium that smokers can put their finger on. Consumers voiced that other companies lacked the all-natural process that we sought to bring to the market. For our company, a respect for process is integral to being a premium alternative.”

The King Brand’s creators did not find the idea of selling tobacco attractive so opted to use sugarcane as the base of the product. “Over the past four summers we have been developing relationships with vendors in the Caribbean,” Chris said. “We knew that the tobacco industry was decreasing in popularity and smokers everywhere were seeking alternatives. So what better way to invest in the future of hookah than with a sugarcane-based hookah shisha?”

“Attention to detail is critical and quality is never overlooked.”

Despite being a relatively new shisha producer, The King Brand prides itself on a carefully treated, natural process. Chris went on to explain that the company takes several trips each year to the Caribbean to meet with its vendors to ensure the quality of shipments. “As a new company, attention to detail is critical and quality is never overlooked. We know we have the deck stacked against us in an industry with strong ties to tobacco, so we work effortlessly to develop the perfect herbal alternative.”

“We plan on being in the right place, at the right time and that begins with providing the hookah industry with the world’s best nicotine-free option.”

As more stringent tobacco laws go into effect nationwide, The King Brand is prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. “We plan on being in the right place, at the right time and that begins with providing the hookah industry with the world’s best nicotine-free option. Our retail and wholesale clients are on the same page – they know tobacco is decreasing in popularity,” added Chris.

The creators of The King Brand claim it took little over six months to perfect the recipe that has since seen the roll out of over 8 flavors in twelve months. Rather than relying on chemicals to control their quality, The King prides itself on real fruit being the prominent source of its flavor. Finding the perfect combination of real fruit, molasses, and sugarcane herbs has allowed The King to find a home in hundred of retail locations over the past year. 

As the hookah industry continues to gain traction, more and more individuals are spending their nights out in hookah lounges. An atmosphere where friends come to relax has unfortunately been paired with a tobacco experience and that is what The King is attempting to break down. “Statistically we found that a good percentage of hookah lounge attendees are not cigarette smokers. We thought why should they put nicotine into their bodies just because they want to hang out with their friends? Why not provide them a quality alternative to tobacco?”

“We look forward to closing more deals with distributors in Europe, Latin America and in South Africa.”

When asked about the future of The King Brand, Chris highlighted the Company’s plans for global distribution. “We will continue to solidify our distribution connections nationwide for 2016. Simultaneously, we look forward to closing more deals with distributors in Europe, Latin America and in South Africa.”

With an already established reputation in the hookah community, an ever-growing social media following of over 50,000, and plans to releasemultiple new flavors each month, The King Brand is set on having an industry changing 2016.

For more information visit www.thekingbrand.com

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