SEI Club Reviews Deemed Best in Dating and Matchmaking Industry

Private members-only dating service has high proven track record of satisfied members.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec 03, 2015 – Elite dating and matchmaking service SEI Club has SEI Club reviews from satisfied members to back up its claim to be among the very best services in the dating industry. 

The service, which has its executives working with the ultra-affluent for more than 14 years, has a strong record of success, with current and  previous clients including Forbes billionaires, CEOs, nobility, hedge fund managers,  celebrities and successful entrepreneurs around the world. The dating club’s executive team not only interviews potential members, but also works to ensure their member’s privacy. The service even arranges dates for its members, leaving them free to truly enjoy themselves. SEI Club memberships range from $1,200 – 1MM.

And members do enjoy themselves, as they share their SEI Club reviews with the service.

“I simply love the way SEI Club selects dating partners on the basis of common interests and lifestyles,” one member wrote. “The last woman you matched me with is extremely beautiful, and she is an exact personification of what I wanted. The entire date went perfectly. I am surely going to be asking her out again. Good job! ”

Because of the extensive screening process that each applicant goes through, the executive team at SEI Club is able to produce high-quality matches based on dating preferences, values and more. And because the service accepts only 35 percent of applicants, members can be sure they’re going to meet someone they’re actually interested in dating and potentially forming a romantic relationship with, a spokesperson for SEI Club said.

“We work to weed out unsuitable matches so our members don’t have to,” the spokesperson said. “That way every date our members go on can potentially be the start of something special.”

Members go on to form lasting romantic relationships, including marriages.

“I met my husband through SEI Club,” one member wrote. “He is more than the man I could have imagined – he is my ideal partner in every way. We hope to have kids as well. It was just meant to be.”

Another member wrote about the quality of matches she’s met through SEI Club – a theme echoed in many SEI Club reviews. “I have never met such accomplished, educated men from so many different places and backgrounds,” she wrote. “More importantly, they’re all so polite and refined. I don’t think I could even date anywhere else at this point because it would be a huge step down.”

More information, including reviews of SEI Club, is available at the SEI Club review page on the club’s website.


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