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Dec 04, 2015 – Locker Global Management, Inc. announces the adoption and installation, system wide, of  Champion Software Systems’ latest Back Office Management Platform.

With capital markets becoming more multi-faceted and diversified and the number of new exchanges and contracts traded around the world rapidly rising, financial institutions need to be able to process any asset in any currency anywhere in the world, handle growing volumes and increasing costs, and adjust to new operational models. Champion Software Systems, Inc. provides Locker Global Management, Inc. with a suite of global post-trade solutions that helps financial services firms in the securities and derivatives markets efficiently manage their middle and back-office processes and workflow.

Champion, a leading independent provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions for the securities and investment industry, is managing the successful re-architecting of Locker’s core back office systems. “The installation of Champion’s EDM will facilitate near-real time processing of Locker’s reference data and expects their installed platform to achieve overall productivity benefits of up to 80% over the previous system,” commented, Mr. Charles Rycroft, Director of Sales for Champion.

He further noted, “The system enables Locker Global to accurately model and link together Customer, Issuer, Instrument and Corporate Actions data while being able to scale in a structured manner.” Overall, the Champion Software System provides flexible business process management capabilities and custom business and workflow processes, which are driven by both regulatory and compliance responsibilities, as well as internal and market-related requirements. Most important, Locker will be able to enhance its ability in responsiveness to marketplace regulations. Market rules related to issuers and their securities are embedded in the system, leading to reduced manual data input, higher data quality and increased straight-through processing (STP) rates. The move to a real-time processing environment gives the platform the ability to support real-time products, services and further productivity enhancements from shortened processing times.

This solution suite helps financial services firms automate their middle and back-office operations for derivatives, increase efficiency and support straight-through processing (STP). Gaining control over data, managing credit, trade fails and intraday margin while supporting internal and regulatory reporting.

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