Social Enterprise Seeks to Help Impoverished People of Guinea

Conakry, the capitol of the African nation of Guinea, is home to almost two million residents.  Many of the people living in this city suffer from unemployment and lack of opportunities, but the Danish social enterprise organization, Soul Shine, is working to help turn that around.  In the past year, Soul Shine has opened three stores in Conakry (one is machinery shop and the other two shops are luxus second-hand cloth) in order to help teach young Guineans how to operate a business.  These young workers are learning valuable business skills while staying off the streets and avoiding violence. Soul Shine has also re-introduced the practice of apprenticeship to help transmit trade skills to young people.

The stores sponsored by Soul Shine have made marked improvements in the lives of employees, but there is much more that needs to be done to make widespread changes permanent.  These stores have proven successful and sustainable in the long term, but additional donations of televisions, refrigerators, computers, water pumps, and electrical generators can not only help make these stores capable of hiring more employees, but they will also provide much needed supplies to the local community.

Soul Shine is a Denmark based charitable, non-profit organization that is headed by Kate Horslund Nielsen.  All profits from sponsored businesses are re-invested into the organization.  In addition to helping the impoverished, Soul Shine is also committed to improving the lives of people suffering from depression, stress and other mental health problems. 

Although Soul Shine has already independently invested more than $1,000 to help support these incipient businesses, there is still a considerable need for more funds.  Soul Shine has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $14,000. These funds will go towards purchasing more goods for these electronic and machinery stores, which in turn will allow them to hire more personnel.  In return for your generous donations, you may receive one of a number of digital diplomas.  To learn more about Soul Shine Africa or make a donation, please visit

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Company Name: Soul Shine: Social-economic enterprise for Guinea
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