Ant control experts reveal why the rainy season in seattle will bring ants to homes and commercial buildings

“”Ants are most likely to enter homes in cold, wet conditions, typically in the winter in seattle,” Each week, ant control experts were asked to estimate how many ants invaded their home and whether pesticides were used to control the invaders. Gordon S”
It doesn’t matter if a homeowner finds them carrying crumbs in the kitchen, living inside of rotted wood on a windowsill or scuttling across the living room rug–ants are never welcome guests in a home in the Seattle area. Unfortunately, most homes in the area will be in need of ant control services or products at some point because these pests are incredibly common.

Ants in the house can be embarrassing, especially when company arrives and sees  little house guests walking on the counters. People can immediately think housekeeping skills are not up to par and that is why there ants infestation.Most people who discover ants want to deal with the problem quickly, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to call an ant exterminator immediately. Many homeowners want to try and handle ant control on their own before they call a Seattle pest control company. For minor infestations, it is sometimes possible to deal with ants without the help of Seattle exterminators, while other times it is best to leave the matter up to a Seattle pest control company.

Tips for Using Ant Control Products

When using DIY ant control products it’s important to:

– First identify the species of ants in the Seattle home. Different ant control products are required for different species of ants. Before using any ant extermination product, double check an online reference guide to determine what type of ants are present.

– Treat not just visible ants. To successfully exterminate ants, the entire colony must be treated. This means that Seattle homeowners must locate the source of the ants, the place where the colony is residing. Then, ant control sprays should be used in these locations to fully eradicate the infestation.

– Place bait traps in the right locations. Bait traps can be effective for dealing with small colonies that are situated indoors in some cases, but to work properly, the traps must be placed in areas where the worker ants have been spotted. The workers are drawn to the bait and then carry the poison back to the colony, where hopefully the other ants will be killed.

– Follow instructions carefully. Using ant control products incorrectly won’t just lead to poor results; it can also pose a risk of illness or injury to family members or pets.

When to Hire a Seattle Pest Control Company

Seattle exterminators can assist with any ant control problem. Signs that homeowners should call a Seattle ant pest control company instead of trying to treat ants on their own include:

– Uncertainty about Species. A Seattle exterminator will be able to determine which professional ant control products are best.

– Uncertainty About Colony Location. Seattle ant control companies know how to locate the source of the infestation to ensure full eradication.

– Persistent Ant Problems. When ants remain in a Seattle home despite treatment, it’s best to hire a professional ant control company.

Commercial business building and homeowners who are looking for Seattle exterminators for ant control services can rely on to assist them. The Seattle pest control company is available to provide ant exterminator services for all types of ants and offers competitive rates throughout the greater Seattle area. Contact today for more information.

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