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Elite dating club SEICLUB.com launches unlimited dating option for men at one million dollars per membership.

12/15/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — SEIClub.com is the website of a private-members only dating and matchmaking club. And it has just launched a million dollar membership includes an unlimited dating option or a ‘free pass’ for their matchmaking and dating. Through this million dollar membership, gentlemen members have the ability to meet and date only the most beautiful and accomplished women in the world, completely free of any limitations.

Statistically, SEIClub.com has always been known to accept only the most beautiful women as their members. As part of the SEIClub.com criteria, accepted women members are not only beautiful in the physical sense, but also in their minds, aspirations and spirits as well. That makes SEIClub.com’s women members a real beautiful  catch to whoever meets and dates them. The SEIClub.com screening process is what differentiates this club from other dating options.

SEIClub.com is astonishingly  selective when admitting new members, in the case of both men and women. As for their women members, there is a policy for their women to be not just beautiful , but someone who has a deeper perspective in life. SEIClub.com carefully screens and admits new members based on many factors, including their commonly accepted morals, values in life, and also how they look at life and as a whole – the world. Is this a healthy person who is capable of enjoying a healthy relationship with another incredible person? Due to this screening process, men members of the club have  not only the most outstanding prospects for dating in this ultra-exclusive dating venue but the feeling of being in the right place.

The members of the club share in published reviews that they have great experiences – often the best dating experiences they’ve ever had. Now, the SEIClub.com million dollar membership or ‘free pass’ gives gentlemen members the ultimate freedom to meet and date the world’s most desirable,  rare to meet, accomplished women without restriction on time or number of introductions. Now they can enjoy a risk-free, fun dating experience at their own pace free of any and all limitations regarding introduction numbers, location and anything else for that matter.  The process is sound,  valid, and powerful.

Although SEIClub.com has a million dollar membership, SEIClub.com also caters men who are professionals in all fields and industries. With memberships beginning at $1,200 and going up to $1MM and more, there are suitable membership options for all tastes and preferences. All of these are in realization of the SEIClub.com fundamental mission, “To make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful…”

Says  spokesperson, “SEIClub members are some of the most eligible, impressive singles in the world. They are not only accomplished and attractive, but they are also some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met in terms of outlook, personality, and character.”

If you think applying for membership to the club at SEICLUB.com could be a fit for you, you can initiate your application for membership at the Club website. You can find more about the club here:SEIClub.com

About SEIClub.com

SEICLUB.com is the world’s most exclusive, members only dating and matchmaking club. The club meets all members in-person prior to admitting them for membership. The club has offices in all the major US, European, and Asian cities. The SEIClub.com website is said to be the most exclusive dating venue in the world.

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