Christian Entrepreneur and Wellness Expert Provides Healthy Living Information through Creative Methods

Anyone who uses the internet or reads a magazine knows that there is an abundance of information about living a healthy life.  While the public is very concerned about improving their health, most people fail to make it a reality because it is difficult to obtain reliable information and put it into practice.  Renowned Christian author and wellness expert, Adeyinka Oshin, has innovated some new ways of making this less challenging.  He—along with Dr. Christy Iyaniwura, a public health expert—has authored a new, comprehensive wellness book entitled “A-Z Handbook of Health and Wellbeing.”   Adeyinka has also created a new board game called “Wellbeing Ludo” which utilizes the same principles to produce an entertaining and compelling competition.

“A-Z Handbook of Health and Wellbeing” is currently being written and will include sections on a variety of topics including:

• Healthy diet
• Exercise regimes
• Human anatomy
• Major public diseases

This compendium of health information should become a valuable resource for the general public and is expected to be a necessity for many families.  Readers will find the information easily accessible and color coded for quick reference.

“Wellbeing Ludo” is an engaging, fun game that helps instill the principles of healthy living.  With player pieces that modeled on sports equipment and addictive gameplay, “Wellbeing Ludo” should become a regular part of many families’ entertainment nights.

Although the “A-Z Handbook of Health and Wellbeing” and “Wellbeing Ludo” promise to become huge commercial successes, they must first be produced.  In order to design and publish these important products, Adeyinka Oshin estimates that £9,750 will be needed.  To raise this amount, Adeyinka Oshin has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  Financial contributors to this project can receive valuable perks like copies of “A-Z Handbook of Health and Wellbeing” and “Wellbeing Ludo,” exercise equipment, water bottles, gym bags, beach towels, and an advertisement for their business in the hardcover or digital versions. To learn more about “A-Z Handbook of Health and Wellbeing” and “Wellbeing Ludo” or to make a contribution, please visit

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