Don’t Let the Knock-offs Ruin the Whole Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Industry

Stricter laws and regulations have been enforced on hoverboards, otherwise known as self-balanicng scooters worldwide, due to house fires caused by them. When buying intelligent scooters, it is advised to choose the established brands, like Segway and Airwheel.

Fires caused by hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters have been reported in the US, UK and Hong Kong. Some countries have banned intelligent self-balancing scooters from running on pavements or roads. They can only be used on private land. The intelligent scooter industry is going through the most difficult times before the coming Christmas. The UK government has seized 15000 hoverboards early in December. It is said that 88% of them were found to be defective. Most are not branded and have been ordered by websites or small traders to sell on to bargain-hunting shoppers. The faulty boards are in danger of overheating, exploding or catching fire.

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Amazon has stopped selling these faulty devices and this has influenced the sales of other intelligent self-balancing scooters. But Amazon also gives a solution to sellers, as long as they can provide relevant certificates to prove the quality. Consumers should be on their guard when purchasing these products. Don’t be daunted by the occasional accidents. There are still many reliable brands in the industry like Segway and Airwheel. Segway is the pioneer in the industry while Airwheel is a relatively new but promising one. At the turning point of the industry, it requires the leading brands to serve as role models and keep innovating to realize benign development.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters

The ultimate reason behind the crisis is the price war. Many companies have lowered the prices to win more consumers, at the sacrifice of the quality. However, products from brands like Airwheel Technology enjoy high cost performance. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters are relatively cheap, compared to Segway but quality has been guaranteed. The company owns core patent, a group of industrial elites, complete production line and global dealership network. SONY lithium batteries and Cheng Shin tires are standard configuration for all Airwheel products.

Consumers should remain vigilant when buying the intelligent scooters. Choose those with reasonable prices and good reputation. As for governments, they should introduce policies and standards to control the quality of these products, guiding the industry into the right direction.

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