Do-it-Yourself Water Heater Repair – Better than Professionals?

Conducting home plumbing repairs yourself requires skill and understanding of the basic elements of the different parts or components of your hot water system.

Water heaters are an important piece of equipment in any modern home. From taking a hot shower to getting an excellent piping hot cup of coffee in the morning, a steady supply of hot water is essential. However, there are instances when this trusted piece of equipment breaks down or is no longer giving you the hot water that you require. In those situations you may need to perform the repairs yourself. However, if the task is too daunting, you can always count on the quality services and workmanship of water heater repair companies.

One of the common problems of a hot water system is the accumulation or build-up of sediments in the hot water tank. This is often caused by hard water flowing from the water source down to the water distribution facility and into your home. In most Los Angeles homes the first signs of a hot water system problem is often loud, clanking, and rattling noises emanating from the tank itself. To initiate a quick fix yourself, you can switch off the power to your hot water system and turn on the pressure valve, if any, to release pressure off the tank. You also need to turn off the water inlet valve.

Once the pressure has been released, you can remove the drain valve from underneath the tank and empty it of its contents. You do not need to be an expert in plumbing repairs to initiate this kind of fix. Make sure to empty all of the water from the tank. Once this is completed, you can hose down the inner surface of the tank through its opening on top. 

Make sure that all remaining sediments, particles, and debris are flushed out through the drain valve. When the resulting water being emptied is already free from any form of debris, you can close the drain valve and open the water inlet valve. Fill the hot water tank to its recommended level and close the topmost valve. Turn it back on.

However, if the problem is in the plumbing system itself, you will first need to identify the culprit. Is it a broken water valve? Or a leaking or busted pipe maybe? Or is it a worn-out gasket? The thing is for you to first check whether you can solve the problem or not. You simply cannot initiate the repairs yourself if you are not confident about its outcome. One of the key elements to conducting repairs to the different pipes and fixtures that make up your hot water system is understanding the gravity or intensity of the problem.

Conducting home plumbing repairs yourself requires skill and understanding of the basic elements of the different parts or components of your hot water system. It also requires you to have, at the very least, basic plumber’s tools to initiate the repairs. Otherwise, you will only be adding to the problem and making it worse. If you lack either of the two, it is a lot better to call in the services of professional hot water system repair specialists. Whether you are in Van Nuys CA or anywhere else in the world, only the expertise of qualified professionals can mitigate problems associated with issues in your hot water system. 

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