RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner and Mascara Products by Athena Cosmetics Re-Launched

Athena Cosmetics has made a mark for itself for its cosmetic products. Recently, the cosmetic product manufacturing re-launched its biggest product line, RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and Mascara products.

Revitalash Advanced, a product line from the house of Athena Cosmetics, Inc., a California based quality cosmetic product manufacturing company, was recently re-launched by the manufacturers for the US market. Earlier in 2013, the Central District Court of California ruled out Athena Cosmetics from selling the products throughout the US. However, in 2014, the imposition was lifted and Athena Cosmetics was allowed to sell the products both in and outside the US. The owners maintained that the products are made in compliance with California State laws and federal laws. They also expressed high hope that the products will eventually capture a larger market share in the cosmetic market in the US.

“RevitaLash Advanced products have everything in them that is needed for complete eye and hair make-up. There are four mascara products that belong to the RevitaLash family of products. Besides, we also have an assortment of eye gels for women who wish to take adequate care of their eyelashes. Hair products from RevitaLash are also very effective in thickening and conditioning hair. It’s a pretty good thing that RevitaLash products have quickly picked up in popularity across the US right after the re-launch,” said Dr. Terry Jones, the founder of Dermataloge, a premium Medical Spa and Laser Centre in Texas that has been promoting the use of RevitaLash Advanced products since the products first got launched in the US.

Dr. Jones also informed the press that they will publish some literature on the positive sides of the RevitaLash products come January 2016. “It is true that many people have this preconceived notion that anything that comes under a scanner should not be trusted, which is not the case with the RevitaLash products I can say,” said Dr. Jones. “The product was thoroughly tested in fed and state controlled labs and it has passed all the quality tests,” he added while addressing the press.

When asked about whether the products are safe to use, Dr. Jones of Deramataloge stressed on the fact that neither the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit nor the California District Court could make any findings about the bad effects of the RevitaLash products. “The products also got rave reviews in the international markets, which speaks volumes about the quality of the RevitaLash products,” said the founder and owner of Dermataloge.

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