Olight Launches the Latest 110 Lumens Keychain Flashlight – Olight i3e EOS

One of the leading innovative LED flashlight manufacturer, Olight Technology based in Shenzhen, China has recently introduced one of the world’s most compact LED keychain flashlight – Olight i3e. It comes with six colors, one in silver which has 120 lumens, and the other five colors with 90 lumens – black, blue, green, purple and red. EDC lovers can expect another lovely addition to their everyday carry kit. 

Olight CEO Fan Fox commented on this product saying, “This mini flashlight is the upgraded version of our previous model of i3S, which enjoyed great fame among flashlight lovers. Olight keeps using PMMA TIR lens for this tiny gadget. The pricing of this product is set at such a budgeted level that the manufacturer clearly does not intend to make any profit on the model, but purely launch it for rewarding the long-standing support of global Olight fans.”

Testimonies from customers state: “looks tough, good, cheap and a winner.” Some people were astonished that this $10 something gives a powerful beam of around 100 lumens, while some others say just one mode may not be enough to satisfy their daily demand. 

Olight Technology has launched similar keychain flashlights before. I2 and I3 were introduced into the market in 2010. These two models were not as successful as their successors but the manufacturer has since observed the huge potential of demand in mini flashlights. Olight i3S made its way into the market in 2012, featuring a total of four modes (moonlight, low, high and strobe modes. Max. 80 lumens) and switches among them are easily done by twisting its light head. Olight i3e, however, while retaining its build quality and upgrading the brightness to 90 to 110 lumens and making its body size even smaller – head 14mm* length 60.5mm, cut its mode down to one only.

In light of the market demand for compact flashlights using AA batteries, Olight is also planning to launch S1-AA – flashlights that uses AA size batteries yet with a body size condensed to that of its S series, for example, S1 Baton which is just about the size of an adult’s thumb.

Olight i3e keychain flashlight is available on its official website: www.olightworld.com and also on Amazon marketplace in US, Canada, France, UK and Japan. Minimum retail price: $9.99 to $11.99.

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