Amazon Announces The Launch Of A New Compelling Book Called Heart of Rape Genocide

Heart of Rape Genocide is a Sick, but Real Military Strategy – Canadian Artist debuts incredible tragic book on Bosnian Civil War. It follows the tragic events of a civil war that shocked the world. The book was written by Kai Kazi. The illustrator is Woolley Brothers, and the editor is Cheyenne DeBorde. The book is available to buy on Amazon.

Amazon, the largest online shopping platform is pleased to announce a new book has been launched. The new book titled Heart of Rape Genocide, tells the shocking story of a conflict that shocked the world and still does to this day. The book was written by Kai Kazi, who wants the world to remember the shocking events that happened and for those who were unaware of what really went on, to experience what young women went through.

The story is not for the faint-hearted. Heart of Rape Genocide is a rare book that will have the reader thinking, it will have them discussing what they have read with others, and that is what the author wants. He wants people to feel they were there and talk about the events that happened. As soon as the reader opens the first page, they are gripped, shocked, and speechless and want to read more. 

The author takes the reader on a journey of the tragic Bosnian Civil War where a sixteen-year-old girl called Sejla has been held captive and used as a sex slave. She is trying to hang on to hope that she will escape her daily nightmare and wake up in a world of peace, where women are respected and not used by men who take pleasure of causing them pain. The reader heart will sink when they experience a twelve-year-old girl called Rahima who is hiding from the enemy but starving and struggling to survive. She is hoping that her family and friends and the soldiers fighting for good will come and save her, but will she or Seja survive?

Heart of Rape Genocide has been described as one of the best reads of 2015, with some reviewers saying every man and woman in the land should read it and educate the world, so this shocking event never happens again.

Although the book is hard hitting, it is very compelling and hard to put down. It brings the readers real life shocking stories of what really happened in a time many try to pretend never happened.

The book continues to receive positive reviews from readers, which includes from J. Russell, who purchased the book from Amazon.

“This book is not for the faint of heart. Heart of Rape Genocide is definitely not your typical storybook. If you like reading about things that actually happen, that we don’t talk about enough, look no further. Follow two young girls and their stories of being held captive as a sex slave, or slowly starving in hiding. This book really tapped into my emotions and had me feeling all sorts of emotions for these girls. What makes it worse is these things are actually happening!! This book is written so well and so organized. I seriously couldn’t put it down soon after I started. I recommend this book!”

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About Rape Genocide 

Rape Genocide is a new book launched on Amazon and has been written by Kai Kazi. It is available as a download and has received positive reviews from readers and reviewers. Heart of Rape Genocide is the 1st Novella in the Heart Novella Series. In Heart of Rape Genocide.

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