Increased number of parents choosing Organic Cotton Clothing for their babies

Over the last few years, increasing awareness and technological advancement has led people to be more concerned about the environment. This has led to an increase in organic cotton clothing available on the market. A number of studies and research have suggested that organic clothing is a much more ecofriendly choice for consumers. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers. The working environments are therefore much better on organic farms. The increased demand for organic cotton has helped to lower the cost and make higher quality organic cotton products accessible for all.

Aside from sustaining the environment, consumers benefit enormously from purchasing organic cotton products as organic cotton is softer in nature and easier on the skin. Considering its high quality and gentler properties, a number of brands have emerged on the market which offer baby clothing made of organic cotton. Since a baby’s skin is highly sensitive it becomes more important to use pure good quality organic cotton fabric which does not cause any irritation.

The new baby brand “Monkey Around Baby” has recently launched a set of 4 bandana baby bibs made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is sourced from a GOTS registered supplier. GOTS means the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, through independent certification. The ‘Monkey Around Baby’ Organic Bandana Bibs have also been manufactured using natural dyes, making the product chemical free and gentle for childrens’ skin. The four bandana bibs are presented inside an attractive and recyclable gift box. The cotton bibs have two different designs and are also reversible.

The market today is filled with a huge variety of baby products and clothing but often to reduce the cost of the products, the quality is compromised. Cotton fabrics often come mixed with other harsher fabrics which are not suitable for the baby’s soft skin. Polyester is the most popular fabric choice in the US due to durability, water repellence and wrinkle repellence however it is often forgotten that polyester is actually a type of plastic. It is highly flammable and is therefore often treated with a flame retardant, which further increases its toxic properties. With this in mind, particularly when buying for babies it would be better choose a brand that uses certified organic cotton to manufacture the clothing.

Monkey Around baby is proud to offer their natural and organic bandana bibs, free from any artificial or unnatural substances. The bandana bibs are highly absorbent in nature and help reduce the wetness from drooling and spit ups that lead to discomfort or rashes for the baby. They have two sets of nickle free snaps to adjust the fit of the drool bandanas instead of using harsh velcro which can easily scrape against sensitive skin. Also unlike the majority of  baby bibs that come in a plastic polybag, Monkey Around Baby Organic Bandana bibs come in an eco friendly box which make them perfect for a baby shower gift.

This amazing product is designed by a mom who initially created the bandana bibs for her own babies. The Monkey Around Baby Bandana bibs have neutral designs, with a cute embroidered monkey on two of the four bibs, and do not overpower outfits worn by the children. The gift pack of bibs, newly available at Amazon, is currently being sold at a  discounted launch price.

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