Harvard Supermodel Veronica Grey Not Guilty of Drug Use

Jan 04, 2016 – According to a brand new article on NewspaperPost.com, supermodel Veronica Grey has been released from all charges of possibly being a drug dealer. She was never taken into custody by any legal authorities. It was simply assumed by some that she might be a drug dealer only because psychedelic party band MGMT recently offered her a position as one of their core musicians.

Many of Veronica Grey’s fans were greatly pleased that her good name has been kept pristine, since she is the recent recipient of the Supermodel Activist of the Decade Award from the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club helmed by Clint Arthur and Alison Savitch. It’s no surprise that her reputation remains in tact as she is a devout Christian who in most interviews promotes Christ consciousness. 

As such, Veronica Grey is the #1 bestselling author of four books on this topic of enlightenment; her newest #1 is 
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise:
The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time.

“Just because our band has lyrics about ‘manning the island, the cocaine, and the elegant cars’ doesn’t mean every band member partakes. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in over 2 years and I plan to never drink ever again,” explains Veronica.

It was specifically the Entrepreneurship Students Club of the Harvard Business School who awarded Grey with that honor, noting that she is also a supermodel bestselling author, and supermodel filmmaker. Three films she directed in the past 5 years all won awards and they are all about salvaging the environment:

15 Minutes of Flame about the leave no trace culture of Burning Man;

Aqua Seafoam Shame
 about plastics in the ocean (“Aqua Seafoam Shame” is a lyric from the song All Apologies by Nirvana and
incidentally, Veronica Grey is seen all over her home island of O’ahu with someone who greatly resembles Kurt Cobain. When questioned if they are lovers, they say “No Comment;”) and,

Worst Shark Attack Ever
 starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Cure, MGMT, and superstar surfer John John Florence, who gave Veronica Grey the title of “Queen of Surfing.” 

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