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UNIVERSITY OF BIO-CHEMIC HEALTH SCIENCES – Controlled by Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt. of India

University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences was established and controlled by Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt of India in the year 2015 as a not-for-profit self-financing institution and dedicated to serve the society as a centre of excellence with emphasis on medical education, research and health care. In view of its academic excellence, the Government of India declared University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences as in September, 2015 under Section 21, Rules-159(b), 160(e), 272(i) & 273(a) of the Bio-Chemic Act, 2009-Rules’2009. As notified by the BEGC, the nomenclature of the institution has been changed to Central University under Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission. The Board of Management will focus on establishing this Institution as a “Centre of Excellence” under the leadership of Dr. Shyamal Dutta, CEO, BEGC who is the Founder and also the first Chancellor of the University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences.

Applications are invited for the Academic year 2016-17 for the following types of affiliations: 1. Setting up new institutions for Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degree in (1) Alternative, (2) Indo Allopath, (3) Complex Homoeo, (4) United Homoeo, (5) Electro Homoeo, (6) Bio-chemic Co-related Homoeo, (7) Bio-pathy, (8) Chemical Method, (9) Paramedical, (10) Chandsi, (11) Bio-Medical; (Refer www.ubhs.in for details)

List of courses:

a. M.B.B.S (Bio/Indo-Allopath/Complex Homoeo etc)
b. B.D.S (Bio/Indo-Allopath/Complex Homoeo etc)
c. B.Pharma (Bio/ Indo-Allopath)
d. A.N.M/ B.N.M/ G.N.M/ B.Sc (Nursing) etc

Session: Jan / July every year

Setting up new institutions for certificate program in Paramedical/ Allied Healthcare Program through Global Village Health Mission Study Center under UBHS. 

Session: Jan / April / July / Oct every year

Applications for the session 2016-17 in respect of all affiliations as above shall be submitted in the office of Board along with requisite fee latest by 31st March’2016. The Performa for the same can be downloaded from web site of the university; OR, Write mail to contact@ubhs.in

Affiliation/ Accreditation Process

Any Individual/Proprietorship or Partnership Firm /Pvt Limited or Limited Company/ Society/ Trust/Institution/ Cooperative bodies can approach University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences for affiliation by submitting the below mentioned documents.

Documentation/ Process: 

  1. Entity (Individual/Proprietorship or Partnership Firm /Pvt Limited or Limited Company/ Society/ Trust/Institution/ Cooperative bodies ) document (Represented by a single authorized person)
  2. Authorization letter for signing authority in case of non-individual
  3. Proof of Infrastructure (Class Rooms, Faculty Room, Practical Room, Library, Toilets (Male/Female)
  4. Legal MoU/ Authorization Letter from Nursing Home/Hospital for Internship / Practical exposure.
  5. Trainers / Faculty profiles with respective the selected courses (Applied for Affiliation).
  6. Affiliation / Accreditation certificate of your Institution/ College will be issued after complete verification of the supporting documents and site verification.
  7. All the certification and Diploma Programs will be delivered through “Global Village Health Mission Study Center.
  8. Full time medical, para medical courses

Media Contact
Company Name: University of Bio-Chemic Health Sciences
Contact Person: PRO
Email: contact@ubhs.in
Phone: 080-41492499
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Website: http://ubhs.in/index.php/en/

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