Introducing The World’s First, Largest and Only Teen Business & Social Club

A unique startup company created to cultivate teen entrepreneurship and inspire teens/young adults to innovate!

January 4, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA, United States – Across the nation right about now, thousands of preteens, teens and young adults ages 7 to 19 are learning new skills and starting their own ventures under the mentorship of “,” an online business club and academy network. It is an intensive hands-on business and social club that provides young minds with an opportunity to learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, and experience the creative ideation process with the support of experts in over 112 industries.

According to the company’s spokesperson Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda Smith “TeenTrep.Co is an online Social and Business Club where young innovators develop their commercial/leadership skills and build businesses of their dreams.’’

In fact, the startup’s tagline is ‘‘Join Today and see why families who are serious about their tween’s and teen’s futures are not leaving it to just ANYONE. They are working with THE ONE.”

The company’s goal is to groom, cultivate and motivate young inventors and dreamers with a passion and calling for innovation, creating and exploring. The secondary goal is to also equip them with the business concepts and savvy that they will need to become successful in all that they aspire to accomplish. Kaye-Cee Austin, the Founder and Managing Director of strongly believes that ‘‘It is never too early to plant the seeds of innovation and independence in our younger generation.’’ In fact, the TeenTrep.Co mantra states, ‘‘In order for young innovators to achieve success in their careers and education, it is up to today’s industry experts to adopt a role of mentor and instructor of these young and impressionable minds.’’ A role that doesn’t criticize them or call them a spoiled generation but one that trains them up in the way that they should go, teaches them how to identify and create opportunities and one that believes in the ultimate sacrifice ‘‘giving back and sharing the love’’.

With TeenTrep young innovators will learn:

  • Content from over 400,000 online course material
  • One on One Business and lifestyle tips and tricks from mentors online
  • Boardroom etiquette during events in over 3,600 boardrooms across the nation
  • How to innovate, create, share and explore their ideas for a viable venture
  • How to dress for success
  • How to interact in social settings
  • How to fund, sustain and grow their ventures
  • Enjoy the ”perks and rewards” of belonging to a Social Business Club
  • Be comfortable in their own unique style
  • Connect with like-minded youth innovators
  • That they have more in common with today’s leading innovators than they think

Besides, some of the featured courses TeenTrep.Co is offering this month are:

  • Over 150 online one on one mentorship courses with VIP Mentors
  • Group Mastermind Sessions with other young innovators world-wide
  • An in depth and candid conversation with Forbes Coaching Council Member, Jen Kelchner during her online mentoring session of her new course ‘‘Comparison Is A Killer: Why We All Have A Seat At The Table’’
  • An in depth mentorship session with Director, Writer, Producer Doreen Spicer-Dannelly (Disney’s The Proud Family, Jump In, Playground Politix). Students will review her film Playground Politix and enjoy candid conversations about life and the film.

In a nutshell, TeenTrep is not a training camp, but a community where young minds thrive and are a part of TeenTrep Family!

For more information, simply visit:

About TeenTrep

Founded by Kaye-Cee Austin, TeenTrep is a thriving startup that grooms, cultivates, mentors and motivates young inventors and dreamers with a passion and calling for innovation, creating and exploring. Its CEO is Faith “Faithy J” Jefferies, a 16 year old successful teenage entrepreneur who has been an inspiration to several youth throughout the United States. 

Media Contact
Company Name: TeenTrep.Co
Contact Person: Amanda K. Smith (Chief Marketing Officer)
Phone: 425-283-3590
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States